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We are here to help you. Best of all, our help is free. We do not charge for our picks because we live in Nevada and make our money betting on our picks. We not only provide score predictions. We also offer analysis, on major sports such as the; NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football, College Basketball, NHL, and even the Olympics.



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Las Vegas Bitcoin & Betting: See where in Las Vegas you can find a Bitcoin ATM machine. Where you can get a hotel room with Bitcoin and what restaurants accept Bitcoin in Las Vegas. Learn about Bitcoin and how to setup a Bitcoin wallet. You can also enjoy some free online casino games.


Love to bet on football? Have you ever played daily fantasy football? Combine the two and you will have football prop betting. Most football prop bets revolve around the NFL. Of course, the biggest football prop betting of them all takes place on Super Bowl Sunday. We have our free NFL prop betting predictions all the way through the season. On Super Bowl Sunday we will have dozens of prop betting predictions. Take a look at our previous years picks PropBets.Football. Of course if you are looking for free betting predictions on the outcome of NFL and College Football games then we have those too. See our betting predictions on the College Bowl games for free. Need I add that the biggest sports betting prop day of the year is extensively covered. You must check out PropBets.Football. for our Super Bowl picks. In fact, take a look now at our previous years picks.


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