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The legality of online sports betting is in limbo as to what is sports wagering. Does daily fantasy sports fit in a grey area or is it illegal. The US Government hasn’t gone after online sports betting like they did online poker, yet some betting sites have stopped taking US customers as a precaution. There are still quality offshore operations that are willing to take your bets and pay out your winnings. If you want to know how to bet online then we will tell you the steps necessary but it is up to you if you choose to make the next step. See our sport specific betting guides if you are interested in just learning about one sports.

This is not an endorsement of skirting the legal/illegal line of betting online. We are not lawyers and we do not know what jurisdiction you live in.  Our goal is to help guide you through the process so if you do decide to wager online you have the best opportunity of succeeding. If you follow these instructions, you’ll limit the risk of getting ripped off and increase your risk of getting paid when you win.

The most important step…find a casino or sportsbook that will pay you when you win.

The most important thing in betting online is to attach yourself to a reliable, reputable online gaming provider.

  1. BetOnline
  2. Bodog (takes only Canadian customers)
  3. Bovada
  4. GTBets
  5. MyBookie
  6. Sportsbetting

Most of these have been around for a long time with the exception of They are an aggressive newcomer and offer a top welcome bonus and referral bonus.

Betting Guides for Specific Sports

Fund Your Account

The most common options are a wire or a credit card. If you use Western Union or Moneygram,  your money should be loaded to your account in an hour. The other option is to use a VISA credit card. It’s like shopping online.  For online casinos using a credit card is preferable to Western Union and Moneygram because the minimum deposit is lower and the sites don’t charge fees. Please check the fine print on customer deposits. Make sure your jurisdiction is accepted and check for fee waivers based on the amount and type of deposit.

How to Bet Online

Start small. Get used to the interface and check different online sportsbooks for different odds. If you are going to be gambling everyday then it is worth it to open account at several online casinos and take advantage of different specials.

Collect Your Winnings

This is the most important thing. You win and now you want to get paid. Each of the online casinos offers different payout options. Read each one and see which one fits you bets. Getting a check in the mail might sound good but these checks are written on non US banks and your bank may place a long hold on them.

Am I at risk?

From you government? Always, but that applies to a lot of things besides wagering. If your government decides to go after online casinos like they did online poker sites, then your going to take a hit. My advice for the risk adverse is to have several accounts so the likelihood of all your money being tied up is lessened. I would also recommend a monthly withdrawal of your funds so you do not have to much offshore at any given moment.

Why is it tough to gamble online?

The Wire Wager Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Basically, the federal laws banning gambling have so far applied to gambling businesses in the United States, not individuals. State laws that do specify that gambling is illegal for individuals have no power to regulate the internet because of the Constitution. Judging by the fact that the feds haven’t made any movement toward shutting down online casinos & sportsbooks it looks like the US Government has other priorities. This can always change with a new administration so stay abreast of the news.

Remember, when the US Government shut down the poker sites they did not go after individual players, they went after the gambling businesses. Player deposits were frozen for a while but eventually returned.

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Take the time to read our how to guides for online gambling. A few little hints can help smooth out your online gaming and we hope our bonus offers help you start with a bigger bankroll. Good luck and stay within your limits.

Betting Guides for Specific Sports