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2018 Online Sportsbook Offers

Looking for an online sportsbook? Lets start with the basics. How do online sports betting bonus offers work?

How Sportsbook Bonuses Work

There is a wide variety of bonus offers. The best is usually the welcome bonus to get started. Always try and max this one out. However, even if you can not max it out. Don’t waste it with a $20 or $30 deposit to get started. This is your chance to get some real money from the online casinos.

Types of Sportsbook Bonuses

Here’s a quick guide to the basic categories of bonuses you’ll come across while researching online sportsbooks:

Online Sportsbook & Casino Quick Bonus Guide

Welcome Bonuses

This is a generic term for bonuses made available to new depositors. It’s usually the largest and most-advertised bonus at an online book, splashed across banner ads and mass emails. The idea is to incentivize people to sign up for an account by promising them a freebie, usually in the form of a deposit match. The match rates and maximum earnings vary from book to book – match rates everywhere from 10% to 200% of your qualifying deposit. Even US-facing books are offering rollover rates as low as 4x for sports bets.

More Bonus Offers

Deposit Match Bonuses

If a book offers deposit match bonuses, you can receive a percentage of your initial deposit in addition to your bank roll. For example, if a 50% match bonus was offered, and a bettor deposited $100, the book would add $50 to the bettor’s bank roll as a deposit match bonus.

Free Bet Bonuses

The second most common form of match, besides a deposit match, is the free bet bonus. This offer is particularly popular at online sportsbooks as opposed to casinos. This not only incentivizes existing customers to try their hand at the sportsbook (with the promise of a free bet bonus), it also attracts new sports bettor members for a quick “worry-free” wager. Basically, a site will match the money you deposit in the form of a free (and immediate) wager – if you lose, you can usually redeem your losses with another bonus which, of course, requires a rollover, usually around 4x for sports bet rebates.

Reload Bonuses

Finally, one of the most important bonuses for customer retention. Bonuses are considered “reload bonuses” when they incentivize adding new funds to your account. Imagine you run a sportsbook – how do you keep customers coming back after they just lost all their money to you? By offering them a special match rate bonus for reloading their account. Usually, these take the form of a percentage match rate capped at a specific amount.