Top Online Sports Betting Sites


Top Quality Sports Betting Sites for 2018

Betting on-line has grown fast and is now the favorite way to bet on sports in the United States. It offers many advantages over the traditional methods of betting but the most important is convenience. Because of the high demand by the public there are many sports websites that will offer to take your bet. Like all businesses, there are good ones and bad ones. When it comes to sports betting online. Picking a site should not be your biggest worry. And, it won’t be because we have over 25 years of sports wagering experience. We have done the work for you and have found sites that  are dependable, have a good selection of odds and pay you when you win.

A lot of people don’t spend much time researching where they are going to bet. They just join up with a site a friend recommended. That is a mistake. If a little time you can get the right site for you and get the best bonus for you. That’s why we’ve put together our list of top sportsbooks.

If you don’t want to read all of this and just want our picks. Here they are:

Our Top Five Online Sports Betting Sites

Now you have an idea of what we looked at to come to our conclusions on the top online sports wagering sites. In order from 1 to 5.

  1. Bovada
  2. MyBookie
  4. 5Dimes

Online Sports Betting isn’t Evil

In the early days of online sports betting. There were a lot of sportsbooks that would disappear overnight. These days online sports betting is big business. The people behind them are no different than anyone else in a middle class job. Yes, there are still some shady offshore sportsbooks.

Separating the best from the shady isn’t that difficult. Well, not if you have spent the last 25 years in the sports betting business. We will be straight forward in the sites we recommend.

The first thing you should ask is why? Why are you recommending any sports website? Are you an affiliate? If you look at any sports betting & information website you will see affiliate links. On most sites you will see dozens of links. In fact, there are hundreds of links we could put on our websites. We have been offered money to do it. However, we turned them down and only place links for the sites we would be willing to bet with. Our recommendations are personal. I was burned by a website in the early days of online casino gambling and I know the feeling of the slow walk payout that eventually ends up with not getting paid at all. First and foremost. We will not have anything to do with a sportsbook that does not provide payouts in a reasonable time.

USA Customers & Sports Betting Sites

Because of the nature of online sports wagering being a legal grey area. We have to pay particluar attention US citizens questions before they bet. The lack of safety because of the lack of legal recourse can make it difficult to get started. The legal question start with the interstate wire act of 1961. This was the federal legislation that made it illegal to operate a betting business. It also made it illegal to take wagers thru wire communique (which essentially meant the telephone).  Then came the (PASPA), in 1992. It made it unlawful for States to authorize sports betting activities. Nevada was exempt from the law. Neither PASPA or the wire act directly deal with making wagers over the internet. Why? Because both of these acts were done before the internet came into the prominence that it now has.

Am I going to jail for making a bet?

Neither the wire act or PASPA makes it unlawful for you to make a wager. They make it unlawful to accept a wager. We’re not lawyers, and this shouldn’t be considered the final word on the matter. If you end up in front of a judge one day. I don’t think he will accept I read it on a website as an excuse. When the US government shutdown online poker sites. They did not arrest the players. In fact they helped players in trying to get there money back.

Nevada sports betting

Nevada! The great exception to the ban on sports betting in the United States. Yes, if you are over 21 you can go into a Nevada casino and make a sports bet. However, unless you live in Nevada like me. It will cost you a little time and money to get here. If you do come to Las Vegas then you will have a lot of options to make a bet. From the top of the line at the Bellagio to some off strip dumb that will have a William Hill sportsbook. But, if you just want to wager a little or don’t want to travel to Nevada every weekend to bet on the NFL. Then online wagering is for you.

What do we base our rankings on?

Once we have checked the sites background to know that they will pay customers the next items to begin researching are:

  • How many sports and leagues are covered?
  • How many proposition bets are available?
  • How good are the betting lines for each game?
  • How are skilled bettors treated?
  • What kind of betting limits are in place?
  • What kind of promotions does the sports betting website offer?
  • Is the sportsbook client easy to use?
  • What type of live betting or in-play wagering is available?

Get your Welcome Bonus & More

If you have been in a casino then you know about the sign up bonus offers they have. Many people jump from one casino to another and get a wallet full of players cards chasing down bonus offers. Online sports wagering is no different. Every sportsbook we recommend has a welcome bonus. The key is that they all have welcome bonus offers. So, just don’t go for the welcome bonus. Take a look at the retention bonus offers. Or, if you have used Bitcoin. There are many Bitcoin bonus offers on top of the normal promotions.

What kinds of sports can I bet on?

This depends on where you have an account. But here’s a general idea based on what Bovada offers action on:

  • Baseball
  • Olympics
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Politics
  • Martial arts / MMA
  • Boxing
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • E-sports

This is a top level example. Football will include; NFL, NCAA and CFL.

What is line shopping?

Sportsbooks really don’t like this but so what. It is one of your advantages so use it to the max. All this means is that you are looking for the best betting line.

An example, If you wanted to bet on the Raiders and they were +3 points at Bovada and they are +3.5 points at Then you should just make your bet at Not that complicated. Of course line shopping only works if you can do it. Which leads to the next question.

Should I have multiple betting site accounts?

We already covered the first reason to have more than one account and that is to take advantage of different betting lines. The second is that not all bets are offered at every sportsbook. The basic bets will be but sometimes there are prop bets that you want action on and it may not be offered at the sportsbook you have chosen. A third reason in the bonus offers. Once you have maxed out your welcome bonus at one website why not open an account at another and max out their welcome bonus. A fourth reason is the time the odds are offered. Yes, they all will have odds on major games like the NFL but some sportsbooks post odds sooner than others.

Fund your account

There are several options to fund your account and they vary by which sportsbook you use. The most common choices are using a debit card, Western Union, Moneygram and, Bitcoin. The deposit that comes with the biggest bonus offers is Bitcoin. If you have used Bitcoin before then this should be your first choice.

Lines, Odds & Bets

Every online sportsbook that specializes in US customers will have odds on the NFL, NBA and MLB. However, there are a lot more odds than your basic side and total. If you have ever played daily fantasy sports then you may be just as interested in betting on your favorite player as you are in betting on a team. In the sports world these are called proposition bets or prop bets for short. The most prop bets will be found on the Super Bowl. They are becoming more and more popular and you will be able to make a large variety of prop bets on every NFL game. You will be able to bet on how many yards Tom Brady will throw for or how many TD’s Matt Ryan will have in a game. There will be hundreds of NFL player prop bets available every weekend of the season.

Mobile Sports Betting

Every sportsbook we recommend has mobile wagering. It is now easy for you to bet from anywhere. On Monday night you can be in a sports bar or waiting in line at a movie and still get a little action in on your game. Here are the things to consider when looking at your mobile wagering options.

#1 – comfort

If you are out running around town or you are at work and you don’t want your boss to know that you are betting on sports. The PC is not available. So, just take out your phone and make a quick bet without ever leaving your office chair.

#2 – bonus

Some sportsbooks offer a specific mobile wagering bonus to induce to try their app. Why not get another bonus?


Mobile Wagering Sportsbook Review mobile betting

You can place bets on with any telephone or tablet. One thing that stands out with is a mobile wagering bonus. I would not open an account just for the mobile betting bonus. But, with the welcome bonus and mobile wagering bonus along with a large menu of sports betting options. is one of our online sports betting choices.

Bovada mobile betting

Bovada was one of the first to offer a top mobile wagering experience. The web page at You will get a full betting menu. The website works with android, iphones, and ipads.

Bodog mobile betting

Bodog is only for Canadian customers. If you live in Canada then Bodog will mirror Bovada in many ways. The mobile website is http://bodog.ecu/cellular. It has the same functionality as Boavda.

Betonline mobile betting

The mobile betting site can be found at (or simply go to for your cell, and you’ll be redirected automatically). Like, has a good mobile betting bonus offer so if you are going to bet on your smartphone then I would sign up with at least one of these two and take advantage of the bonus offer. They both have a large wagering menu and a good mobile interface.

Our Top Five Online Sports Betting Sites

Now you have an idea of what we looked at to come to our conclusions on the top online sports wagering sites. In order from 1 to 5.

  1. Bovada
  2. MyBookie
  4. 5Dimes

#1 Bovada

Bovada is a popular gambling site dedicated entirely to the United States market. That is the main difference between Bovada and other sports betting sites.  Their selection of sports bets, payment methods and promotions are all 100% dedicated to bettors from the United States. They are very good at adapting to the US based gambler expectations on bets offered, speed of payments, and mobile wagering.

Add to this live betting, a great selection of prop bets and some generous and entertaining promotions and you’ll understand how Bovada has remained so popular for so long. Horse racing fans will appreciate the clean layout of this area of the site. You’ll have access to races from all over the US. Big events including; Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, and your daily horse racing at Golden Gate Fields. However, if your still not convinced. Then the best thing to do is use one of our bonuses and start small. Once you see how well the site works you will be ready for more.

It is the top site for US sports bettors. However, if you want to play some poker, slots, or some table games. Then they also have an online casino that is dedicated to the US gambler.

#2 MyBookie SportsBook

MyBookie is one of the newest online sportsbooks. They are also very aggressive in providing bonus offers to build and retain their customer base. Even though they are new, MYBookie is fast becoming one of the world’s leading online sports betting and gambling website. They have done this by following the three R’s: Reliability, Reputation, and Real fast payouts.

To grow fast they needed to offer easy and secure deposit/withdrawal options. This was achieved via 256 bit encryption and secure socket layers certificates (SSL) so that clients can play with confidence and security.

My Bookie offers; LIVE betting odds, low rollover bonuses, unique promotions, FAST 48 hour payouts, 24/7 phone & live chat support. They do this for a vast array of sports betting odds, major U.S. horse racing tracks, and an all-new Casino which includes a mobile platform for action on the go.

#3 Sportsbook offers a large array of sports wagering options on sports from around the world. Including weekly specials on NFL, college football, NBA, hockey, soccer, MMA and more. If fans prefer darts, lacrosse, cricket and boxing, they have those sports covered as well.

Unique specials like nil-nil soccer rebates and some of the most aggressive bonuses in the business help set apart from the competition. And they offer a robust stats, matchups and picks section where you can easily gather the latest news and handicapping information to help you make more informed wagers.

#4 5Dimes Sportsbook

Why should you bet at 5Dimes sportsbook? Reduced juice to start off with. Top welcome bonus and reload bonus offers. Your welcome bonus can be worth more than $500. You will choose the type of sports betting bonus you will receive when you sign up for your account so make sure you pick the type of welcome bonus that is best for you.

#5 BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline was born as way back in 2001, Whether it’s the aggressive bonuses or dozens of fun and profitable perks, BetOnline has created a top notch player focused online gambling site. That is why they are on of the industry’s top dogs. They also pay on time which is vital to stay in business as long as they have.