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Basketball (NBA) Live Betting Strategy

Basketball Live Betting has become so popular for a couple reasons. For starters it is a lot of fun and second, it allows interaction and wagering throughout the entire sporting event. For me though, the big reason I like live betting is that I get a chance to watch both teams play for 5 or 10 minutes BEFORE making my bet. There are actually some excellent value bets in live sports betting. The key to it is keeping a level head and watching for the wagers that are as close to even or a little off as possible.

A situation I love in College Basketball Live Betting is the favorite falling behind in the first half. Take a team that is favored by 7.5 points before the game but is trailing 35 -30 late in the first half or early in the second half. The line will adjust and I can usually get the “favorite” as a pick to win the game. This is one of those times watching the game pays off. If you notice that the dog has been lucky on hitting 3 point baskets or everything went right in the first half then bet against luck and bet on talent. The reduced odds available when a favorite is behind early in the second half is the primary reason I bet on in play basketball. Another thing to look out for is injuries. It might seem cold but it is very profitable in basketball. There are only 5 guys on the court and in college basketball the talent pool isn’t that deep. If a team is really dependent on one player and I see him get hurt or in deep foul trouble. Yes, I pick up my phone and grab the other side. This is also true of blow out games. Watch for the coach to put in his scrubs. When he does it is a great time to bet the other side and take the points.

NBA Live Betting Screen

NBA live betting warriors vs Suns

NBA live betting warriors vs Suns

Live Betting on Basketball games can be very lucrative if you know your team. It is not enough to be a fan but you also need to know how your team will change its strategy in each situation. That is one thing I tell every gambler who is thinking about live betting. Pick one team and know it better than the announcers. If you know when the coach will take out the stars or when some of the players look like they are taking a night off. Then you can score big in live betting.

I always ask people. If you had been able to watch the first five minutes of a basketball game before you bet. Do you think you could win more money? If the answer is yes….then move over to Basketball Live Betting.