How to bet on a Basketball Money Line

How to make a Basketball (NBA & College) Money Line Bet

Money line basketball betting is simple and very popular in all major team sports, including soccer, baseball, football and hockey. To make a wager, all you have to do is pick the team you believe will win the game outright. The sportsbooks will set the lines on each team. The favorites will be represented by lower odds while the underdogs will be given higher odds. The favorite will be a negative number while the underdog will be a positive number.

Example of a money line bet

103  Chicago Bulls        -9 (-110) Money Line (-200)
104  New Jersey Nets +9 (-110) Money Line (+175)

In this case the bet on New Jersey would win $175 for every $100 bet. The total back on your ticket would $275. The $175 that you won and your $100 you bet. If you were to bet on the favorite Chicago Bulls. Your $100 bet would return $150. The $50 you won and your original $100 bet. As you can see there is a great incentive to win some decent cash by betting on dogs. The problem is that they do not always win outright. Many times you will see a team cover the point spread and still lose the game. If you can hit a few of these money line dogs they can more than make up for a several that fail to win.
The lines in college basketball can have a much bigger point spread and money line betting range due to the greater variance in talent in college basketball compared to the NBA. In the NCAAB, there are over 300 teams on the betting rotation. This can lead to some real mismatches. When you make this type of bet on the window in a sportsbook. Just let them know that it is a money line bet and then tell the betting number and the amount you are wagering. A very simple bet to get started with.