How to bet on a Basketball Teaser

How to bet on a basketball teaser

A basketball teaser bet is common wager for sports betting professionals. Don’t like the point spread in a game where your favorite team is playing on home court? Or maybe you need a slight edge to feel good about taking the over. With teaser betting, you have the power to adjust betting lines to your advantage.

NBA teaser bets are like parlays in that a teaser contains between two and 10 selections. But that is where the similarities end. When you are betting on NBA games with a teaser, you can adjust the point spreads and over/under lines offered by oddsmakers, improving the odds in your favor.

Three types of NBA teasers are available: 4, 4.5 and 5-point teasers. Depending on the number of selections you choose to bet, you can also play sweetheart teasers which enable you to adjust a betting line by 8 or 10 points.

In order for you to win an NBA teaser bet, all the selections in the bet must be correct.

Suppose the Toronto Raptors are listed at -2.5 and are playing the New York Knicks who are listed at +2.5. At the same time, the Miami Heat have a posted line of -8 playing against the New Orleans Pelicans, who have a line of +8. Based on your research, you think that the Raptors and Heat will cover their respective point spreads, but you’d like a little breathing room. By placing a 4-point teaser, you can change their spreads to +1.5 and -4. This way, there is the possibility that your bet could still be a winner, even if the Raptors lose the game. For example, if they lost by no more than a point and the Heat won by more than four points, your wager would be graded as a win.

In addition to teaser betting on the point spread, you can also place a teaser on the total (over/under) of any given NBA game.

Basketball Teaser example

Let’s say the total for the Raptors/Knicks game is set at 201 and the line for the Heat/Pelicans game is 194. You want to take the under in the Raptors game and the over in the Heat game. In a teaser bet, the line always moves in your favor, so in a 4-point teaser using the lines above, the under bet on the Raptors game goes from 201 to 205 and the over bet on the Heat game goes from 194 to 190.

In order to win the wager, the Raptors and Knicks have to score less than 205 points combined (as opposed to less than 201 points) and the Heat and Pelicans must score more than 190 points combined (instead of more than 194 points).

You can even place a teaser bet that includes the point spread and total in the same wager, but don’t forget, the added comfort comes with a price. Where a parlay on a selection might pay 2.7/1, a 4-point teaser might pay even money (i.e., you would win $10 on a $10 teaser bet instead of $27 on a $10 parlay wager).