How to bet on a Basketball Total | Over Under Bet

How to bet on a Basketball Total (Over / Under)

When you place a basketball total bet such as an NBA over/under bet, you are focused on one single statistic of that game – the total number of points scored in the game by both teams combined. Over/under betting may also be available for each quarter or half of a game.

A basketball total example

105   Los Angeles Lakers  -1      209.5  o-115
106   Toronto Raptors      +1      209.5 u -105

In this example, the total number of points for a game between the Lakers and Raptors is set at 209.5 points. If the Raptors win the game 109-104, the final combined score is 213. If you bet the over in that game, your wager would be is a win. However, if the Raptors won the game 97-94, the final combined score is 191 bettors who wagered on the under would win. Sometimes a total does not contain a decimal. In this game we have the total at 209.5 to prevent a push. In the event the total was 209 and the combined score of the two teams was 209. Then the bet would be a push. On a straight bet you would get your original bet back. If it is on a parlay then most sportsbooks would consider the bet no action but the remainder of bets on the parlay would still be considered in play.

The same holds true for college basketball betting. The totals in college basketball are usually lower than in the NBA. In the NBA there will always be a total listed for every game in the rotation. For college basketball with over three hundred teams in the rotation there will be many games without a total posted. Some of the best betting opportunities are in college totals betting. Since there is less action and some of the games offer lower wagering limits. There is not as much incentive for the sportsbook to put to much time into getting a total right. If you are betting less than a couple of thousand on a game this can lead to some pretty soft lines in your favor.