How to bet on a Basketball Parlay NBA NCAAB

How to make a Basketball (NBA & College Basketball) Parlay Bet

A basketball parlay is a common type of bet. Lets say, you have done your homework and are ready to make your wagers. You think the Miami Heat are a lock at home against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Chicago Bulls lead their division as they prepare to play Toronto. But you like the Raptors, who are undefeated during their current homestand. With an basketball parlay betting you can combine multiple selections in a single bet, resulting in a wager that typically offers a bigger payout because of the increased risk. Here’s how it works.

Basketball parlay example

Suppose the Toronto Raptors (-3) are playing the Chicago Bulls. At the same time, the Miami Heat (-8) are playing the New Orleans Pelicans. You’ve done your research and believe both the Raptors and the Heat will cover their respective point spreads. Instead of placing two separate bets, you can place a parlay linking the two individual bets together. If you bet correctly on both games, you’ll win. However, if one of the teams fails to cover, you’ll lose.

You can also place a parlay on the moneyline and the over/under of an NBA game. In fact, you can place a parlay that includes those lines and a point spread line all in the same parlay wager.

For example, let’s say you wanted to take the Raptors (-3.5), the Heat (-120) and the over in the game between the Memphis Grizzlies and New York Knicks (195.5). You believe that the Raptors will win by at least four points, the Heat will win outright and the Grizzlies/Knicks game will have a total combined score of at least 196 points.

Instead of placing three separate wagers (one point spread, one moneyline and one over/under wager) you can place a three-team NBA basketball parlay wager. If your parlay wins, the payout will be significantly greater than the sum of the payouts from three separate straight wagers. Keep in mind, in order for you to win this three team parlay, each of your parlay legs must win. If any leg of your parlay loses, your entire wager will be a loss. However, let’s say that one of your legs resulted in a tie when the Raptors only win their game by three points. Don’t worry, your wager isn’t a loss. That bet on your parlay will be a push and your parlay will reduce to a two team parlay.

If your basketball parlay wager gets reduced down to one team because of a push then the entire parlay will be considered a push and your bet will be returned to you.