How to make a basketball bet in a Las Vegas Sportsbook

Going to Las Vegas or a State that recently legalized sports betting to make a bet on basketball?

How do I make a basketball bet in a Las Vegas sportsbook? A lot of people go to Las Vegas to party and bet on March Madness in a sportsbook. The first time you walk into a sportsbook to make a basketball bet it can be a little intimidating. You don’t want to be the guy standing at the sportsbook counter with a blank look on your face while a long line of people are trying to get their bets in. And, there will be long lines…very long lines the first weekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Here are a few tips to make it easier to get your action in.

Start with the basics.

1) How to read a basketball betting line.
Example: We have Kentucky at Kansas

Number Team Spread Total Money Line
501 Kentucky (-110) 148.5 (-110) +175
502 Kansas -4 (-110) -200

I am ready to make a basketball bet but, what does this mean? The Kansas Jayhawks are a four point favorite. If you take Kansas and give 4 points then you would be betting $110 to win $100. If you bet on Kansas on the money line then you would bet $100 to win $50. The total is the combined score of both teams including over time.
What do I say to the sportsbook writer? Tell him the type of bet and then the betting number. In this case if you wanted to bet on Kentucky and get the four points. Tell him, “Straight bet on 501 for $110”. The number to the left is how the teams are entered into the sports betting terminal. If you wanted to make a parlay bet. Then tell the sports writer, “parlay bet on 501 and the over for $100”.
A little side info. Always ask for a drink toke. Even if your not a big bettor you still should be able to get one if you are laying down some money. Ask every time you go to the window and make sure your friends also ask. You don’t have to use them all during the game but it can help out after the game when you are hanging out in the bar looking for other action.

2) Open an account
It is a lot easier to go to the window an open a sports betting account before the long lines show up. Once the account is open you can bet on your phone or bet at the kiosk. I always bet on my phone and sometimes I just don’t understand people who refuse to use their smartphone. I just sit there watching the games and getting my bets in while these angry guys stand in line and worry about getting their action before the game starts.
Give phone betting a try while you are there and see if it for you. Ask the sportsbook writer if they are offering a new account bonus. It will take about 15 minutes to open the account so don’t wait till the last second. I would open it as soon as you get in so you have time to get used to the wagering interface before the games start.
If you like it then when you leave Vegas you can open an account to play from home. Take a look at our sports betting recommendations to open an account. Top Online Sportsbooks

3) Should I bet in the sportsbook at the casino I am staying at?
Are you betting more than $10,000 a day? If you are then yes you should talk to the sportsbook manager and your host about getting comped. Other than that, sports betting has the worst comps in Vegas. Just load up on the free drink tokes and maybe a free deli sandwich. As I said earlier. I bet on my phone so I just go to the sportsbook where I can watch my games. I can sit in the Bellagio and bet on my William Hill account…and I do.