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Best online sports betting site for 2020? Read our reviews & pick the best one you. Ratings Are Based on:

1. Fast Payment
2. Easy Ways to Fund
3. Fairness of Rules & Enforcement of Rules
4. Sports Betting Menu
5. Sportsbook Bonuses for New Deposits & Reload Deposits
6. Sportsbook Customer Service
7. Wagering Limits
8. Mobile Sports Betting

Pay Quickly

What good is it to win if you can’t get paid? Fast and easy is how we like it. A sportsbook should have straight forward terms and conditions of how payouts are made and follow through on them.

Easy Ways to Fund the Sportsbook

Not all sportsbooks have identical cashiers. Our list of sports betting sites offers a variety of payment methods for withdraws and deposits. If you plan to become a regular sports bettor. After finding a sportsbook you like and before making your first deposit. Read our guide to using bitcoin. Most sportsbooks offer a bigger bonus for using bitcoin and it is really easy to use.

How to use Bitcoin to bet on sports

Fairness of Sportsbook Rules

Lowly rated sportsbooks often include these “gotcha” rules to delay players from cashing out their funds. The most common complaint is on getting paid out after using a bonus. There are roll over requirements for each sportsbook to cash out your winnings after joining. Basically, they want you to bet more than once to get your bonus money. These requirements are usually easily met but occasionally a new gambler will not think he has to make more than one bet to cash out is 100% bonus.

Sports Betting Menu

The best online sportsbooks usually offer customers a wide variety of wagering options. One of the fastest growing betting options in prop betting. All of our sportsbooks that we recommend offer player and team prop bets on the major sports. It is common to have over 100 betting options on every MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL game.

Betting sites now allow players to wager almost continuously throughout a game on several options. There are also odds on entertainment and political odds on who will win the next election and a lot more.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonuses & Reload Deposits

Okay, so you’ve found a couple of reputable sportsbooks that accept bets on a decent amount of wagering markets. Now what?

The Welcome Bonus is usually the biggest bonus you will get. This is the one to entice bettors to try a betting site. Obviously, they think they will make their money back over time. But, if you are good they wont. And if you are really good you can use their welcome bonus to build your bankroll. Don’t think of it as free money. You should instead look at it as an opportunity to get ahead of the sportsbook.

Sportsbook Customer Service

Will the sportsbook even talk to you? They might have a great wagering menu but when you have a question will your email go to email hell? Can you talk to them on the phone? These are all things we took into consideration when recommending sites. After all, we are customers too and have had to deal with these sportsbooks. I always recommend that you try kindness upfront if you have a problem. It is easier to escalate from there if the sportsbook is not responsive.

Wagering Limits

Some sportsbooks will offer action on everything but when you go to bet you will find the betting limits a joke. It is not really action if the amount you can bet doesn’t get the adrenaline going. If you are a higher limit sports bettor and you are trying to find a site that isn’t afraid to take big bets then we have a site for you.

 Read our review of * The top sportsbook for big bettors text

Mobile Sports Betting

More than half of all wagers are placed on mobile devices. Our Best Sportsbooks list only features brands who offer fast and streamlined mobile experiences, and their software has been designed to accommodate both Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

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