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5dimes.eu Sportsbook Review – Do not use – questionable future

5dimes.eu: A professional sports gambler should have an account at 5dimes if he plans to do any line shopping or if he plans to bet a lot. 5dimes.eu gets its name from the reduced “vig” on bets. On basketball games most sportsbooks will have a 20 cent line. 2020, do to reports of slow payouts we have had to lower the rating of 5dimes.eu

A 20 Cent Line
Lakers -4.5 -110
Clippers +4.5 -110
A 10 Cent Line
Lakers -4.5 -105
Clippers +4.5 -105

The difference might not seem like much but if you bet a lot then the lower “vig” means you can grow your bankroll faster.

For opening an account at 5dimes.eu you need to know what type of gambler you are. If you do not bet a lot then there are other sportsbooks with better welcome bonus offers and better loyalty programs. However, if you are a serious gambler and will be making a lot of bets then the reduced “vig” will more than make up for the lesser bonus offers. I would really recommend 5dimes.eu to someone who wants to become a professional sports gamblers but does not have the big bankroll. There is no better online sportsbook to grind away on to build up some real money.

5Dimes.eu has closed

About 5Dimes.eu Sportsbook

Country Restrictions

UK, France, Portugal, Hungary, Ukraine, Costa Rica

Currencies Accepted


Methods of Deposits

VISAmin deposit $50Ask Live help.Free
Bitcoinmin deposit $25No maxFree
Person-to-Person Transfermin deposit $100$699 per transferAsk live help.
Money Ordermin deposit $100No maxFees reimbursed over $1,000.
Sportsbook Transfer (Most major books)min deposit $500Ask live help.Ask live help.

Methods of Withdrawal

Person-to-Person TransferVariable.
Cashier’s Check$40-$80
Money Order$80
Bank Wire$80
Sportsbook TransferFree

Hours of Operation

Customer Service & Wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week 365 days per year. Online wagering 24/7/365

Customer Service

5Dimes customer service speaks both English and Spanish.

Live Chat



  • English
  • Spanish

5dimes. eu has ceased operations in the US. If you are a high end sports bettor or a professional then I recommend Bookmaker.eu has a replacement.

Sportsbook Incentives

New Account Bonuses

5Dimes clients may choose from the following account plans when creating their account:

  1. Reduced Juice: Don’t overpay on bookmaking commissions. Save money on every wager.
  2. Free-play, MatchPlay & Lotto rewards: Conventional free play based rewards (up to 50%).
  3. Cash Back Rewards: Up to 20% Cash Back. Extra 10% Cash Back Reward
  4. 30% Super Saver: Receive -107 pricing and expanded parlay payouts.
  5. Point Mover Special Reward Program
  6. Casino Rebates Rewards Program
  7.  Free Payout Rewards Program

Reload Bonus

Sportsbook Free-Play
Up to $500 in Free-Play

Casino MatchPlay
33% MatchPlay for MatchPlay casino

Loyalty Program


Wagering Information

Min. Bet

Internet Wagers $0.50 on Straight Bets and on Teasers and Parlays
Phone Wagers $50 on Straight Bets, $25 on Teasers and Parlays

Max. Bet

Major Sports: $5,000 for full markets. Players can re-bet unlimited times.

Reduced Juice


Overnight Lines

Posted by 11PM EST on most sports


  • If Bets
  • Rolling If Bets
  • Reverse bets
  • Round Robins
  • Pleasers
  • Multichance Parlays
  • Multichance Teasers
  • Progressive Teasers
  • Progressive Pleasers
  • Asian Handicaps
  • Action Points

Limit Collars

Yes, limits lowered for price traders.

Best MLB Lines

Yes, MLB dimeline, 10 cents up to -191, 15 cents up to -201, 20 cents up to -266


San Jose, Costa Rica

Date Established


Current License

Costa Rica does not offer sportsbook licenses

Physical Address

5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook
Edificio Equus
San Jose, Costa Rica