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Baseball Betting Guide

MLB Betting Guide

If you are new to betting on baseball or if you are looking to expand your knowledge. We have built a baseball betting guide to help your wagering. We cover the basics from how to read a betting line, money line bets, and we have some more advanced topics like betting the -1 line and some spring training advice. If you can’t make it to Las Vegas to wager, we have a guide to betting on baseball from anywhere. Good luck and lets start with the most basic MLB betting of all….

Reading an Baseball (MLB) Line

If you are new to baseball betting then the first step is to understand the betting line.
Let’s start off with an example;

801 New York Yankees (-115)
802 Boston Redsox (+104)

The away team is listed first and then the home team. The +/- is used to let the public know what the current odds on the game are. At (-115) the Yankees are the favorite. The Redsox at (+104) are the underdog. With a dime line both teams can be listed with a minus. An example could have both teams at (-105). The reason for the -105 is to provide the sportsbook a commission on the game. The dime line is the vig or commission the sportsbook charges to make bets.

When you are betting on any sports. There will be a number to the far left of the game and that will be the betting number to provide over the phone or if you are in a Las Vegas sportsbook.

In this example. If you wanted to bet on the Boston Redsox to win the game. You would tell the sportsbook writer;
“I am making a straight bet on 802 for a hundred dollars.”
The reason for saying a straight bet is so the sportsbook writer can go to the straight bet screen on his computer instead of the parlay screen.