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Soccer Betting Guide

How to bet on Soccer

How to bet on soccer online or in Las Vegas. We have a soccer betting guide to help; from basic to advanced soccer betting. To start, learn how to read a soccer betting line. We will also cover; a money line bet, a spread bet, a totals bet. Then, we move on to more advanced topics on how to bet on soccer; the parlay, prop bet, Asian handicapping. We also give advice on how to bet on soccer if you are not in Las Vegas.

Reading a Soccer Betting Sheet

If you haven’t bet on soccer before the odds may seem a little strange at first. If you are used to betting on American sports then soccer will definitely be different. Unlike other American games, soccer can end in a tie (draw). Below I have a match odds for Manchester United vs Arsenal.

Soccer Odds Example

How to read soccer odds

How to read soccer odds

The listed bet types are; spread, money line, total.

  1. Spread Bet – The spread bet on Manchester United would return $130 for every $100 bet. You notice under spread betting that the odds do not include a draw. If it is a draw the it is considered “no action” and your money is refunded.
  2. Money Line Bet – Like a spread bet but it includes the option of betting on a draw. Since there are now three outcomes instead of two. The odds have increased. A wager on Manchester Untied to win would pay $210 for every $100 bet.
  3.  Total Bet – Total number of goals for BOTH teams in the match. This is regulation scoring. A bet on over 2 would require $145 to win $100.