College Football Betting Strategy
Become a Conference Expert

Do you want to bet on College Football like a professional. Then avoid one of the biggest mistakes people make when betting on college football. Can you really handicap over 100 teams in four days? By the time you get the odds and start your research you are down to just four days at most and sometimes only a couple of days for the weeknight games.

What should you do? Pick one College Football Conference to start with. The best one is the Conference near where you live. This will help you because the local reporters will feed you information. Which offensive line has a couple of guys out? Which defense is down to walk-ons in the secondary.

If you are just starting out then start researching one Conference before the season starts and add another Conference each month. Another way to expand beyond one Conference is to get three or four people together and each one be responsible for one or two Conferences. This is a great way to leverage the research but be warned. If one guy is lazy it can lead to some real problems. If you do this. Be ready to cut someone loose fast if he isn’t doing his share of the work.