Bet the Underdogs & Unders

Learn to love the dogs.

The underdogs are not appreciated enough by gamblers. Lets face it you here that the New England Patriots are going to blow apart a team. Over and over again the ESPN hype machine tells you that the Patriots will roll to an easy win. But, the points are on the table for a reason. Most NFL games are close because the real talent level difference just isn’t that much. Learn to love the dogs and take those points.

Betting on the small dogs on the money line is a way to get a little boost. If you see NFL games with a dog that is less than 3 points then consider taking the money line at +110 or +100. This can really boost a parlay bet.

Love the Under

The second thing that most people have trouble betting is the under. It is a lot easier to bet the over because the game can go over the total in the third quarter. Once it is over then you can site back and relax for the rest of the game. However, if you bet the under there is always the worry of the late scoring that takes it over the total. I know guys who bet on games for a living and they still can’t bet the under. It is just throwing away money. Learn to bet on games dispassionately and if need to …do not watch. If you look at a game and you want to bet the under. Then make the bet and just don’t watch the game. If you are in it for the money then do what you need to do to bet on games without your heart or fear getting in the way.

What does an under bet look like?

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins: Total 47.5 (-110)

This means the total points for both teams combined will be either over or under 47.5. If they combine for 48 or more points then the over will win. However, if they combined score of both teams is 47 or less then the under will win.

Learn to love the dogs and unders….it will payoff in the long run.