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What is a Hockey Money Line Bet

How to bet on a Hockey Money Line

What is a Hockey Money Line Bet?

Betting on a hockey money line is a form of wagering that does not include a puck line. In a money line wager the team you bet on simply needs to win the game outright for your bet to win. Both the favorite and the underdog have odds attached to them, in order to create an active and balanced market for both sides of a bet.

At first glance, betting on the favorite seems more attractive because they need to beat a lesser opponent. However because of the odds, the payout will be less when betting on the favorite in a money line format. With money line wagering, the bettor can expect that the bigger the favorite, the smaller the payout.

On the flip side, betting on the underdog may seem daunting, given that they are not expected to win, but the odds assigned to an underdog in a money line format could result in a bigger return for the bettor if the underdog pulls through for the outright victory. In this case, the bettor can expect the bigger the underdog, the greater the payout.

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Example of How to Bet a Hockey Money line

Here is an example of NHL money line betting:

101  Colorado Avalanche   -175

102  Dallas Stars                 +135

In this example, the Colorado Avalanche are favorites over the underdog Dallas Stars. While there is no assigned point spread in a money line bet, bettors can identify the favorite with the negative (-) symbol and the underdog with the positive (+) symbol.

In this scenario, bettors would need to wager $175 on the Avalanche in order to win $100. However, if the bettor were to wager the same $175 on the underdog Stars, he would win $236.25 upon victory. ($175 X 1.35 Odds = $236.25). If you wanted were to bet $100 on the Dallas Stars and Dallas was to win. You return would be $235. The $135 won in the bet and the $100 wager.