How to bet on a Hockey Parlay

 What is a Hockey Parlay?

A hockey parlay is a single bet that combines two or more wagers together. A gambler will win a parlay when all of the teams listed on the ticket win. If any of the individual bets within a parlay lose. The parlay would lose and the results of the other games on the parlay ticket would not matter. However, when there is a push on the parlay then the ticket odds are reduced as a push is considered no action. The biggest reason that parlays are so popular with most hockey gamblers is because of the large payouts.

The more bets I include within a single parlay, the greater the payout. There is a maximum of 12 bets on one parlay at most casinos. However, some Las Vegas sportsbooks limit the number of + teams on a bet. Meaning, they might limit the number of underdogs to 4 or 6 games on a card to limit the casinos financial exposure.

Example on how to bet a hockey parlay

Here is an example of parlay betting:

New York Rangers -1½ (+200)

Ottawa Senators +100

Winnipeg Jets +100

The wager combines one puck line bet with two money line bets to create a three game parlay. All three teams must win their individual wagers for the parlay to be successful. If any of the three teams lose, the entire parlay would lose as well. When all three of the teams I bet on win, the parlay will be paid out based on the combined odds of all three bets.

When a wager within a parlay is deemed a push, that particular wager would be voided and the parlay would continue with the potential payout after it is adjusted to reflect the updated number of wagers within the parlay.

In the above bet and won all three the return on a $100 bet would be $1,200. An $1,100 win and my $100 I bet. I know there are no longer ties in the NHL but if a tie or push was to occur in a hockey game then the bet would depend on the remaining two picks. My bet on the Rangers game was cancelled by bad weather so my parlay is reduced by one bet. Both Ottawa and Winnipeg go on to win their games. The return would $400. A $300 win and my original $100 bet back.