How to bet a Hockey Prop Bet

What is a Hockey Prop Bet?

A hockey prop bet is short for a proposition bet. It is any wager that is not directly decided by the game’s final outcome. The most common types of prop bets are focused around team or player performance. Try prop betting if you would rather use your DFS picks for a player instead of betting on a game?

Here are some examples of the different types of hockey prop bets:

Individual Player Hockey Prop Bet

Here’s an example of an individual player prop bet for hockey:

How many points will Sidney Crosby score in the game?

Over 2.5 (-110)

Under 2.5 (-110)

Because a gambler is betting on how many points will be scored by Sidney Crosby in the game. He has the options of betting on Crosby scoring over 2.5 points or under 2.5 points. In this example, since I wagered on the over. I would need Crosby to score three or more points for the bet to win.

The betting line is presented in an over/under format. However, the wager is still considered a prop bet because the final outcome of the game will not impact the result of the wager. Should the Penguins and Crosby lose the game. I would still win my bet as long as he scores three or more points.

Team Hockey Prop Bets

Here’s an example of a NHL team prop bet:

How many goals will the Pittsburgh Penguins score in the game?

Over 3.5 (-110)

Under 3.5 (-110)

In this example, I can wager on how many goals the Pittsburgh Penguins will score in the game. Because this bet is only based on the total goals of the Pittsburgh Penguins. I am given the option of betting on the Penguins over 3.5 goals at (-110) or under 3.5 goals at (-110). Consequently, the prop bet is different than a game total bet, which is based on the total goals scored by both teams. In this scenario, therefore. If I were to wager on the under. I would need the Penguins to score three goals or less to win my bet.

Since these bets are easy for the sportsbook to produce. They are becoming more popular. The are a variety of prop bets on every NHL game. As a result, in the Stanley Cup playoffs it is not uncommon for an online sportsbook to have over 50 prop bets available and more are being added all the time.