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What is a Hockey Reverse Puck Line

How to bet a Hockey Reverse Puck Line

What is an NHL Reverse Puck Line?

A hockey reverse puck line flips the puck lines over. The favorite is getting a +1.5 goals and the dog is giving -1.5 goals. Obviously the return on my bet is greatly changed by taking a reverse puck line but, it can pay huge if I bet on  a dog and it covers. Some casinos add the reverse puck line on a parlay like any other bet. However, there are casinos that consider it to be a prop bet that can not be parlayed.

Example of a Reverse Puck Line Betting

Here is an example of a puck line odds and reverse puck line odds :

Puck Line:

201  Dallas Stars -1½ (+255)

202  Minnesota Wild +1½ (-310)

Reverse Puck Line:

301  Dallas Stars +1½ (-325)

302  Minnesota Wild -1½ (265)

In this example, the Dallas Stars are favorites over the Minnesota Wild. The puck line and reverse puck lines are visible directly to the right of the team name, accompanied by a positive (+) or negative (-) symbol to indicate if that team is giving or getting a goal and a half. The accompanying odds can be found on the far right, and reflect the odds of a potential payout. As you can see there are different numbers on the board for each bet. This saves time when making the wager. Instead of telling the sportsbook writer that you are making a reverse puck line bet you can just let him know the betting number associated with the wager. As always, check your ticket before you leave the sportsbook window. If it is wrong they will correct it for you as long as you have not left the area.

In this scenario, the Minnesota Wild would need to win the game by two goals or more to win the wager, while the Dallas Stars would need to lose by no more than one goal to win. If I bet a $100 on the Minnesota Wild+265 odds, they would win $265 if the bet was successful. If I had bet on the Dallas Stars and they either won or lost by a goal I my odds would be (-325) and I would have to wager $325 on the Dallas Stars to win $100.