How to bet a Hockey Total

What is a Hockey Game Total?

A hockey total is a set number of total goals expected to be scored in the game. Sportsbooks set a total number for the combined score of both teams and bettors can bet on the game going over or under the total. After the line is set. It might move if the betting public places a lot of money on one side or the other. That is why you will sometimes see an over total at -140 or even higher. In general the lines start out at -110 and then are adjusted by the amount wagered.

If the game total was set at 5.5. The bettor wagers on the over, he would need both teams to combine for six goals or more to win the bet. If the bettor were to wager on the under, he would need the combined goal total of both teams to be five or less to win the bet.

Game totals can also be presented in whole number formats. When the game total is a whole number, there’s a chance that the total combined number of goals scored in the game could be the exact same as the game total. This would be considered a push and the bet would be returned the gambler on a straight bet. If it is on a parlay the bet would be no action and the parlay would be reduced to the remaining bets on the ticket.

Example of a Hockey Total Bet

Here is an example of betting on an NHL game total:

101    Chicago Blackhawks -110    5.5  -130

102    San Jose Sharks        -110           +110

In this example the team numbers are in the far left column. The money line bets are both -110. The last columns contain the total or over/under information. The total is set to 5.5 goals. The over is set at -130 and the under is set at +110. Using this example, if Chicago was to defeat San Jose by a score of 4-2, the total combined score would be six, meaning the game went over the total.