How to Bet a Hockey Round Robin

NHL Hockey Round Robin Bet

A “round robin” is a simple way to bet on multiple parlays at one time, and the bet can include; money lines, puck lines, and totals.

You can create a round robin in hockey by selecting anywhere from three to eight teams that you want to include on your wager. Once the teams are all selected, the bettor can choose to create combinations of parlays between two to six teams. The calculation for the number of bets you will place depends on the total number of teams you initially select for this round robin. Basically, the round robin is just a shortcut offered by sportsbooks. You could make each bet separately, but the sportsbooks make it easier for you.

Hockey Round Robin Example

Three team hockey round robin; Islanders, Sabres and Kings. You could parlay those three teams, but if only two won then you would lose your bet. Instead, you could do a round robin, which would create three separate two-team parlays, (Islanders/Sabres, Islanders/Kings and Kings/Sabres). That way, you get something back if you are correct on only two of the three games.

Make a $50 round robin, so we are betting $50 on each game:

Parlay 1:

Islanders +100

Sabres +130

Betting $50 to Profit $180

Parlay 2:

Islanders +100

Kings +125

Betting $50 to Profit $175

Parlay 3:

Sabres +130

Kings +125

Betting $50 to Profit $208

You’d be betting $150 for a potential profit of $563 if all three were correct. The lowest payoff would be $175, so you would make a small profit even if only two of the three teams win. If you only won two of three games on a regular parlay you would lose $150. There is a big upside cost to a round robin, though. If you had bet the same $150 on a three team parlay instead of a round robin and all three picks were right you would have won $1403.

Should I bet a Hockey Round Robin?

The major reason for a round robin parlay is if you are a grinder. Betting every night and trying to build your bankroll. Should you use round robins? The best way to decide is to look at your past bets. Take a look at the number of parlays you bet and add up total win. Then take a look at the parlays you lost and project what the return would have been if you had bet round robins. Compare the ROI of each. A note here is to remember you must reduce the amount won on parlays to reflect how much you would have won if they were round robin bets instead of a straight parlay bet.

I have found after doing my own research on my hockey betting that I am better off doing a tiered round robin. I use this bet instead of betting $50 on each two team parlays for a total of $150. I make $40 straight bets on each team and then I will bet $10 on a 3 team round robin on the two way for a total of $30.