MLB Baseball How to Bet on a Run Line

How to make an MLB Run Line Bet

MLB baseball betting betting basics, the run line bet. This is a common bet available on all MLB baseball games. When the sportsbook is deciding the run line odds. The sportsbooks will look at a game and decide which of the two teams are favored, then offer a bet where the underdog will be given an advantage in terms of runs (usually 1.5, but sometimes more). For example, let’s say the Toronto Blue Jays are playing the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. In this situation, the New York Yankees would usually be considered the favored team, so a sportsbook may list the game as follows:

For a money line bet
Toronto Blue Jays: +160
New York Yankees: -180

For a run line bet
Toronto Blue Jays: +1.5 -125
New York Yankees: -1.5 +105

You would need to wager $125 on the Blue Jays in order to win $100. Your wager would be considered a win if either the Blue Jays win the game, or lose by a solitary run (the +1.5 would cover this).

If you were to back the Yankees, you would need to wager $100 to win $105. Moreover, you would only win your wager if the Yankees were to win the game by two runs or more. If they won by a solitary run it would not be enough to cover the -1.5.

If you are in Las Vegas and going to make a run line bet on a MLB game. Make sure you let him know it will be a run line bet upfront. He needs to enter the run line portion of the bet before he enters the team number you are betting on. Just a way to save time and keep you from walking away from the counter with the wrong bet on your wagering ticket.

The odds described above follow a format used by most American sportsbook. However, many international sportsbooks offer decimal or fractional odds. Here is the above example rewritten in decimal odds (fractional odds in brackets):

Toronto Blue Jays: +1.5 (4/5)
New York Yankees: =1.5 (21/20)