mlb baseball total bet - over under bet

How to make an MLB Totals Bet

In an MLB total bet AKA a baseball over under wager, you are betting on the total amount of runs made by both teams combined. Sportsbooks will look at each game and come up with a number that they think will reflect the predicted number of runs. Since this is one of the most common bets made in baseball. Every MLB game will have an over under bet available. The amount of runs can change dependent on the amount of action on one side or the other. This is also a good bet to do some bet shopping. The amount of runs might be the same at several online sportsbooks but the odds can differ from one book to another. An example of a total bet:

In a game between the Blue Jays and the Yankees, you might see the odds listed as follows:

Over 8.5 -110
Under 8.5 -110

In this case, the sportsbook in question thinks there is an equal chance of going over or under the 8.5, so the odds are the same. However, in many circumstances these odds vary due to the low run-scoring nature of baseball. In sports like the football or the basketball, totals will normally always have odds of -110 for both under and over.

It’s important to note you don’t need to wager the full amount listed in the examples listed above. You will receive a pro-rata amount for your stake allowing you to bet just $11 on the unders to win $10, or $5 to win $4.50.

In this bet both the over and the under are listed as -110. If you like the over then shop around at several books because it is likely that one or two books will have the over listed at +100 and the under at -120. There is also a good chance of finding a sportsbook with the over at 9 and +110 for this game. This would mean a total of 9 runs scored in the game would be a push instead of a win but if they score 10 or more your return on your bet would increase by 20%. Something to consider if you think they total will go well over the posted amount.