How to bet a mlb money line

How to make an MLB Money Line Bet

The MLB money line bet is a bet you place on the team you think will win a given game. The more heavily a team is favored, the wider the difference in the odds between the two teams. This is considered the most basic bet of all. In an MLB baseball game you are just picking the winner. In the example given above you might see the odds in the money line as follows:

Toronto Blue Jays: +155
New York Yankees: -170

You’ll notice that the Yankees are favored. If you wager $100 on the Blue Jays and they win, you will make $155; however, you’ll have to wager $170 on the Yankees for a $100 return. For most gamblers this is the type of bet they start out making. For some that is enough but if you are betting on big favorites then you will see odds like -275 or even a -300 when a top pitcher is going. It is hard to make a living with wins this small unless you are wagering thousands of dollars on each game.

There is also the occasional upset. This is a real possibility in baseball because the odds are set by who the starting pitcher is. If the Dodgers send Clayton Kershaw to pitch then he may well be -300. He could be doing great but if the Dodgers are only up 2-0 in the seventh, then you will need to worry about a manager taking him out of the game because of his pitch count. If he is taken out. Now, you are stuck will a -300 bet on a below average set of relievers. If I make a bet on this big of a favorite, I will either make a run line bet at -1.5 or I will make a live bet in the game if the starter is taken out. Both of these types of bets are covered later in our “How to bet on Baseball Guide”.