Betting on MLB Team Totals

Betting on MLB Team Total

The game total is a common bet. It is simply the combined total for both teams. If the game total is set to 9.5 and the combined total is 10 or more runs then the over wins. If it is 9 or fewer runs then the under cashes. No different than an NBA or NFL total bet.

Sometimes in a game I feel far more comfortable on how many runs one team will score. For these games betting on a team total is an option.


Game total for Braves vs Nationals is 9.5 runs

For this game the team totals may look like this.

Braves team total 5.0 runs over (+100), under (-120)

Nationals team total 4.5 runs over (-110), under (-110)

This is a full game bet and would include extra innings.

In this example if the final score is Braves 6 – Nationals 3. The Braves team total would cover the over and the Nationals team total is under. The game total would also be under the 9.5 runs.

If the final score of the game is Nationals 6 and Braves 5. Then the Nationals over on the team total would win but the Braves team total would be a push.

Team totals are full game bets and would include extra innings. If after 9 innings the score is tied a Braves 4 – Nationals 4. Extra inning runs would be included in deciding the bet winner. In this example, if the Braves score 2 runs in the top of the 10th inning and the Nationals scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 10th inning then both team totals would cover the over bets.

When to Bet on MLB Team Totals?

The games that I usually decide on a team total is if I like one side to score a lot of runs but I am not confident in a teams relievers to hold onto to a lead. An example would be if the Braves had a good starter going but the Nationals did not. I would feel good in betting the over on the Braves score but if the over on the team total is less certain because the Braves starter does have the ability to shutdown the Nationals. However, he is also inconsistent and that could make him vulnerable to an early exit.

If you are handicapping a game and you are really confident on how one of the teams will do but you are less certain about the other then begin to consider making team sides and totals bets.