Olympics Basketball Betting Guide

Olympics Basketball Betting

Men’s basketball at the Summer Olympics is always one of the most watched Olympics events. If you are a gambler and think that you know nothing about Olympics wagering. Olympics Basketball betting would be the place to start learning. There are the obvious similarities between Olympics basketball betting and NBA betting but, there are also some differences that you need to know before you wager.

1) Different Rules

Yes, it is still put the ball in the hoop and whoever scores more wins the game. But, in the Olympics the rules are more likely to reflect the rules of international basketball than the NBA or College Basketball. Here are a few rules you should be aware of before betting. The one that stands out is the length of the game is shorter in FIBA play than the NBA. This should be accounted for when betting on totals.

Duration of game:

  • FIBA: Four 10-minute quarters
  • NBA: Four 12-minute quarters

Shot clock:

  • FIBA: 24 seconds
  • NBA: 24 seconds

Foul limit:

  • FIBA: 5
  • NBA: 6

Time permitted on foul shots:

  • FIBA: 5 seconds
  • NBA: 10 seconds

2) Talent Differential

The Americans send NBA stars.Some international teams will also be able to send NBA quality talent. Look for teams like; Australia, Argentina, Russia, and Spain to send some great individual talent. There is a big drop off between these second tier teams and the third and fourth tier teams. In the Olympics, you need to think more of College Basketball betting than NBA betting. Think of the top College Basketball team going against the top Junior College Basketball team. Be ready to lay big points.
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3) Intensity

In the NBA not every game is important. They might say it is but in the middle of the season some teams will cruise and over the course of the year some players will lose their intensity for several games. The Olympic tournament creates a sense of urgency. The intensity should be more like a College Basketball Tournament game than an NBA regular season game.

4) Scheduling & Grouping

In the Olympics  teams will play eight games in 15 days, and will never have more (or less) than one day off between games. Which team is deeper? You might think a deeper teams has a spread advantage. But, if you are a deep team then you can play your reserves more and still win the game. Not something you want to see if you are laying 25 points and the coach brings in some bench players to go against the other teams first string. A  major handicapping do to is looking at the grouping. The first five basketball games in the Olympics are played in a round robin format from a six team group. If a team only has one or two major tests, then they leave the starters in and give them some more time to play together as a team. If the group is a tough one, then look for the coach to rest his top guys when he has a chance.

5) Familiarity

Some teams spend a lot of time practicing as a team and some only have a month to prepare together. The better players are making money playing pro ball somewhere and the Olympics has to fit in around their schedule. Other players without that great of talent have the time to play together. The more a team plays together, the better chances they have of playing to their full potential. This is particularly true of teams that are big dogs but will keep playing hard as a team to the end.