How to bet on the Olympics Online

I Want to bet on the Olympics but I won’t be in Las Vegas?

How can I bet on the Olympics if I am not in Las Vegas? I live in Nevada so for me this isn’t a problem. But, I meet many people who come to Las Vegas for one event and enjoy betting on sports. They almost always ask me how they can do the same thing when they get back home. Well, it is easier than they think.

Most of the money bet isn’t by large syndicates or some guy on a yacht calling his bookie. It is bet by average Americans and many of them never even go into a casino. It also might surprise some that the overwhelming majority of the bets in the USA do not take place in Las Vegas, but take place on a computer or smartphone. This has been particularly true of the Olympics, since 2016 will be the first time that it is legal to bet on the Olympics in Nevada.
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The exact legal status of online sports betting is also complicated, with federal agencies offering shifting views. Sports wagering online has become even more complicated with the advent of daily fantasy sports. Some States like Nevada, the one I live in has classified daily fantasy sports as a form of gambling. But, I can cross the border into California and there I can continue to play. Since I am not a legal scholar all I can tell you is how to open an account and how to get an online sports betting bonus if you should decide to open an account.

Now back to the overriding question. How can I bet on Olympics if I am not in Las Vegas.

How can I bet on Olympics if I am not in Las Vegas?

How exactly does one go about placing a Olympics bet on swimming or a race? The first step is to find a reputable sportsbook. That was the greatest concern I had when I first decided to play online. After a lot of research I finally opened an account. With my research and personal experience I have come to know several online sportsbooks and I can recommend a few. First and foremost when I recommend a sportsbook. I want to make sure I get paid when I win. The next thing I look for is the size of the bonus. The third is the ease of use of the screen. Here are the ones I would be willing to have a family member open an account with:

Bovada Sportsbook
MyBookie Sportsbook
SportsBetting Sportsbook

For the account opening and betting process lets look at the Bovada screen

online sportsbook registration screen

online sportsbook registration screen

The information is straight forward. Be ready to have a credit or debit card handy to make your first deposit. Don’t wait till the last second to open an account. It can take about 30 minutes for your account to bet set up and a deposit credited.

Start Betting

Once you have registered an account with a sportsbook. All you have to do is click on the bet you want to make and enter an amount. Wagering is available world wide, depending on where you live and local laws. If you want to get a taste of Olympics wagering in person. Nevada has legalized Olympics betting beginning with the Rio Games in 2016. If you are in Las Vegas, then take the time to make a couple of fun bets on the games.