Olympics Boxing Betting Guide

Olympics Boxing Betting

Love to watch boxing? Ever bet on boxing? Our Olympics Boxing betting guide will help get you ready to not only watch the match but, provide a chance to make a little money. Lets go over what you will need to know to get started betting.

1) Tournament Format

This is very different from what we typically see in boxing. Fighters face several fights in a short time, and each one is life or death in a single elimination tournament. You can never really know how a fighter is going to respond to that pressure until they face it. If a fighter has a lot of amateur experience or previous Olympic tournament, then they will know what they are facing and will have a better chance of dealing with that pressure well.

2) What fighters show in qualifying

Some fighters face an easy qualifying tournament because of their region. Other countries are far more competitive, however. Several fighters would not only be able to make the field, but could be a real threat once they get there. Countries that should provide a strong and team include; U.S.A., Cuba, and Russia. Some unknown fighters who have performed well against top competition should get a second look from sports bettors..

3) Do they have a pro career

Is this his last fight? Some guys know they don’t have what it takes and every match is his last. For others who are getting ready for a pro career. It may sound great to win an Olympic medal to get started but it really won’t matter if he already has the backing of a top agent. Some guys will under perform because he doesn’t want to end his career in a fight that isn’t going to be bringing in a large pay day.

4) Brackets matter

Olympics Boxing is a single elimination tournament. If you are betting on who will medal then know how tough his bracket will be. It is not enough to focus on the best fighter but you need to temper his likelihood of a medal with the difficulty of the bracket he is in. There are regularly fewer than 32 fighters in a particular weight class, so several fighters will have a first round bye. This can prove to be a big advantage for fighters as the tournament progresses. Fewer fights mean more rest and he is less likely to get taken out by a lucky punch.

5) Which fighters are under the radar

The big name fighters will get most of the media and most of the betting money. As in all sports, upsets do happen. When one or two fighters are drawing the majority of attention in a weight class, that is a good time to start looking for a guy who has a legitimate chance to take him out. Who has some Olympic experience? Who has the power to take out the contender with one punch? This can be one of the most fun bets and a reason to consider Olympics Boxing betting in the first place.