olympics swimming betting guide

Olympics Swimming Betting

It wouldn’t be the Summer Olympics without swimming. To be successful in Olympics swimming betting here are five tips to help you get started.

1) Get to know the sport

This might sound obvious but it needs to be said. The more time and effort you spend understanding the sport, the better your chances of winning. What types of swimmers excel at different distances, or in different strokes? Does success in one type of event often lead to success in another type? Who has some new swim suit that cuts down on the drag?

2) Is the event a priority for the swimmer?

Many swimmers will qualify in several different events. Is this his event? Is the next event his top priority? Sometimes a swimmer will not give everything he has to an event where he is not expected to medal in order to save it for an event where he has a chance to win. How much time does he have between events? A big bet I like is the guy who got the gold in his event and then has another one the next day. He will get the media attention but he is also likely to party away the night.
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3) Consider athlete workload

How many events is he in? How many qualifying races has he done? Even a top swimmer can get a little fatigued toward the end of the Olympics. It is not uncommon for a swimmer to go from one event to another with minimal rest. However, just don’t assume this. There is the occasional freak that just kills the field.

4) Talent Gap

The gap between the best swimmers in the world and the rest of the field is huge. Because there isn’t a comparable professional league for swimmers as their is for basketball or some other sports. Olympic swimmers tend to face each other over and over again in other non Olympic tournaments. One thing to look for is if a swimmer is living off of his reputation.

5) Public favorite

Who is the public money on? Why is it on him? Is it money from people who bet on swimming or is it coming from people who watched an Olympic special and were told by the announcer that this guy is unbeatable? A nice heart warming story does not make a guy suddenly swim faster.