Olympics Tennis Betting Guide

Olympics Tennis Betting

Ready to start Olympics Tennis Betting? Professional Tennis is a very popular betting sport and the Olympics fall right in the middle of the schedule. This means there will be a lot of money by professional gamblers on tennis. You really need to do your homework if you are going to bet on this sports. Here are five things to help you get started with your Olympics Tennis Betting.

1) What’s the surface?

The surface the Olympic tennis tournament is played on is not consistent. It varies depending on the venue, the preference of the organizers, and the details of the Olympic bid. In Rio, the games will be played on a fast hard court surface. The surface is perhaps the single biggest factor in handicapping. A clay specialist, for example, will have serious issues if the tournament is played on hard court. If you do not know how the player on this type of court then you should not be betting. Just do a quick search by court type and look at recent results.

2) Recent results and workload

Each summer we have the French Open on clay and then the Wimbledon on grass. Then we move to the hard courts for major tournaments leading into the U.S. Open in Early September. If you are a top player and in all of these events. It sounds great to be in the Olympics representing your country but, are you worn down? Look for players who have not had a recent break and watch them early for a let down.

3) How engaged is the player?

If you are ranked #173 in the world. This is your chance to give it everything. You are playing for your country and it might not pay off with a big check but, it will make your year if you can go home and show everyone you haven’t been wasting your life. For top pros it is an honor but, not a career.
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4) Brackets, always the brackets

This is a tournament. As a result, the Olympics feature a single elimination format. The brackets will alter the outcome. Maybe not the top performer but you will be betting on each round. A mid round loss by a worn out second tier player can be profitable. Look for a good young player in a weak bracket. This could be the chance he needs to make a name for himself.

5) Look for upset potential

The media will be hyping the big names. Never forget, the Olympics is about money and ratings drives the money train. The public won’t be looking for upsets but you should be. However, if you have been paying attention you will know to look for which star isn’t suited to a surface.