Olympics Track and Field Betting Guide

Olympics Track & Field Betting

Track & Field is the Olympics. Olympics Track & Field betting offers the most basic Olympics bets. Who can run fastest, jump highest, and throw furthest. The marathon, discus, sprints, and so much more. There are a lot of bets to be made and that means a few soft lines by the sportsbooks. Here are five tips to get you started searching for a soft line or two.

1) Last Olympics was four years ago

The media will be on the previous Olympics stars and expect them to perform at a top level again. They are four years older now, and their competitors are four years better. You are betting on who they are today. If you bet on baseball or football. Think of who the top performers were four years ago. How many are retired or living off their reputation? Make your bets over what has happened in the last six months not four years ago.

2) Know your sport

Any rule changes? Has this sport been dominated by one country? Just because you once played the sport does not mean you know enough to bet on it. Most gamblers do no research. They just listen to the TV and then bet. Put in a little time and cash some tickets.

3) How many events?

There are many athletes who have qualified to compete in several different events during the Olympics. Competing in too many events can mentally wear down an athlete. Is this his must win event? Is it an add-on event because he is there and has the ability to excel. Talent is the most important thing but, these athletes know that the worst thing they can do in an Olympics is throw away a sure medal by hurting themselves in an event where he has no chance of winning.

4) Start at the top

In some events there really are only one or two athletes that have a chance of winning. When you are researching your track and field bets. Save some time by asking yourself. Is it really worth going beyond the top two athletes? If not, then just see if either one offers value on the event.
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5) Who does the media like?

The media is a powerful force in the world of gambling. In events like the Olympics, where most people do not really know anything about the athletes. The media holds a lot more power. Always remember that the guy with a good media sob story isn’t necessarily the better athlete. If the media is all over a guy, then the added attention could create some very nice value. On the other guys. Remember, it is about the money. In two months are you going to remember the media love stories or how much money you won  with your track and field betting?