What type of Bets Can I make on the Olympics?

Types of Olympics Wagers available

Online Sportsbooks give an Olympics wager the same consideration they give any other sporting competition. All the same bets that you have made before will be available. If your in Las Vegas during the Olympics, then you will be able to bet starting with the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. However, if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, then the online wagering will be in full swing.

Money Line Bets

Bets on the Winner. Person vs person or team vs team. The most basic bet of all with no points to worry about. Just bet on who you think will win. The games available include; badminton, volleyball, rowing, boxing and so on, you just wager on who you think will win.

Point Spread Bets

If you bet on football or basketball then you are very familiar with point spread betting. In the Olympics the most common game for this will be basketball. Just like in the NBA, a point spread is given by the sportsbooks to “level” the betting. An example would be giving the Mexican team 45 points when they play USA. The reason is to give the underdog enough points to get equal betting on both teams.
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To Win Gold

This is one of the most common Olympic wagers. All you have to do is predict who will win the gold medal in an event. There will be no shortage of  events to bet on. Just think of every event in the Olympics from some of the most famous track and field events all the way to some of the lesser known events like;  judo, golf, swimming, triathlon, and cycling. Each event will have odds assigned by the sportsbook. The odds can change everyday depending on who is hurt or what team is eliminated.

To Medal

This one is similar to the “to win gold” wager except it wins if your athlete or team takes first, second or third place. It doesn’t matter where, exactly, your pick finishes as long as it is somewhere in the top three spots. Much like horse race wagering on the; win, place, show ticket. You will get lesser odds by making this bet but the payout is more likely to happen.

Prop Bets

Props cover a variety of things from; how long the opening ceremony will last, to how many gold medals a country will win.  Another prop bet that is usually available is the cross sports bet. Which will be bigger, the score in an MLB game or number of medals that Japan will win in track & field. There are usually numerous prop bets for your Olympics wager.