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SPORTSBOOKWelcome Bonus Promo Code BN5050% sign up bonus up to $1,000, 8x rolloverBN50
SPORTSBOOKWelcome Bonus Promo
25% sign up bonus up to $1,000, 3x rolloverBN25
ReferralReferral BonusGet a 10% cash bonus per referralNoCodeNeeded
CasinoCasino Bonus Code BNCASINO50% DEPOSIT BONUS UP TO $1,000 X 3 = $3,000BNCASINO

BetNow Sportsbook

BetNow Sportsbook Bonuses

Join today and make a deposit to receive a 50% Welcome Bonus.

To claim your 50% bonus insert promo code BN50 when making your initial deposit.

  • Min. $50 deposit required and max. bonus is $1,000.
  • 8X rollover if activity is in the sportsbook and 30 time if in the casino.

To claim your 25% bonus insert promo code BN25 when making your initial deposit.

  • Min. $50 deposit required and max. bonus is $1,000.
  • 3X rollover if activity is in the sportsbook and 15 time if in the casino.

How to calculate your rollover?


  • Deposit $100 and receive $50 cash bonus, total balance $150.
  • Rollover if sportsbook: $150 X 8 = Total rollover $1200.
  • Rollover if casino: $150 X 30 = Total rollover $4500.

Refer your friends and receive a 10% CASH bonus for every depositing referral.

On the registration form under “How did you hear about us?” field simply have your referral add your name or account number in order to qualify for this promotion. To receive the bonus you must have a balance equal or greater to the amount of the bonus.

  • Max Cash Bonus $100*.
  • The BONUS has a 3x rollover if activity is on the sportbook or 15x if in the casino.

Rollover requirements must be met prior to requesting a payout.

How to calculate your roll over?


  • Based on a $100 referral bonus.
  • Rollover if sportsbook: $100 X 3 = Total rollover $300.
  • Rollover if casino: $100 X 15 = Total rollover $1,500.

BetNow Horse Racing Promotions

Racebook gives you the benefit of a weekly 8% rebate given automatically.

Try our easy to use Horse Racing platform! If you are into the Sport of Kings check out our racebook and the great opportunities to bet on horses. When you bet on our racebook Monday through Sunday, we will grant you with a 10% rebate based on your net losses. So what are you waiting for?

See horse racing bonus here

Betting on Horses

Casino 50% bonus on first 3 deposits!

To claim your bonus insert promo code BNCASINO when making your initial deposit.

  • Min. $50 deposit required and max. bonus is $1,000.
  • 30X rollover applies.

Rollover requirements must be met prior to requesting a payout.


  • Deposit $100 and receive $50 cash bonus, total balance $150.
  • Rollover in casino: $150 X 30 = Total rollover $4,500.

BetNow Casino

About BetNow online Sportsbook & Casino

Without a doubt, reputation is one of the most important aspects of an online sportsbook. Oftentimes a new sportsbook may offer extremely appealing bonuses to help sway their customers. However, unless that bookie is licensed, there’s really no way of knowing what you’re getting yourself into. Fortunately for online sports betting fans, BetNow is an officially licensed sportsbook. Ultimately this means that you can wager at BetNow with full confidence, knowing that you’re engaging with a reputable website.

At the end of the day, BetNow has one of the best reputations on the web. And with a long history of trustworthy business, there are no doubts regarding BetNow’s business practice. Fortunately for bettors, a solid reputation is not the only thing that we bring to the table. In addition, BetNow also offer some of the best odds available on the web. Choosing a site with good odds is paramount to online betting success. This is because the odds directly impact your winnings. Naturally, with better odds comes better winnings.

Having a variety of betting options available to you is what online sports betting is all about. No more do you have to chase a local bookie to see if they have action the particular game that you want. Now online betting sites give you the opportunity to wager on every major sporting event. This includes the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and all the major soccer leagues.

Without a doubt, this is a modern day must for an online sportsbook. However, there are other things that aren’t yet considered a must. Nowadays certain bookies, including BetNow, are offering betting action on a variety of what once seemed unimaginable things. This includes entertainment, like betting on what will happen at the Oscars or which actor will take home a certain prize, to politics or which candidate will win an upcoming election. This broadens the scope of an online sportsbook to encompass all aspects of our modern lives.

Additionally, some bookies offer better variety on common gaming events. For example, every single betting site on the planet will have action on the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, not all of those sites will offer the bountiful prop betting options that BetNow has on such events. Prop bets are less common type of bets that are oftentimes more about fun and luck then calculations. Because of this some bookies will shy away from these types of lines. BetNow is a good choice to get the action you want.

For example, BetNow recently added action on the growing world of Esports. Esports represent the growing competitive scene of video game tournaments. This is all still fairly new but it looks like a growing industry bringing in larger and larger audiences each year. Naturally leagues have arisen to offer the necessary space for the pros to come out and prove their prowess. It only follows that their fans want to make wagers on this scene.

Perks, Perks and More Perks

Once you know that you’re dealing with a reputable sportsbook, you can begin to compare the pros and cons of each individual betting site. At BetNow, you get a 50% welcome bonus to get started.