2017 Tournament Midwestern Region Odds

It is that time again. March Madness starts this week and we have the odds up for who will win it all. Here are the odds to win the Midwestern Region.

Player Prop & Team Prop Odds

There are many different bets that can be made during the 2017 College Basketball Tournament. You know about the sides, totals, and futures bets on who will win it all. But, that is just the beginning. Just like the Super Bowl, there are hundreds of prop bets on the games. There will be player, team, game and Conference prop bets and a lot more.
For the more traditional lines like; sides, totals, money lines here are the 2017 March Madness current odds from Bovada:
2017 March Madness Game Betting Odds

2017 NCAAB Tournament Player Prop Bet Odds

For the more adventurous or for those of you who are used to playing daily fantasy sports there will be player prop betting odds. There will be odds on player points, rebounds, assists, fouls and more. Pick your favorite player and make some money off of him. (a few examples are below)
2017 March Madness Player Prop Odds

2017 NCAAB Tournament Team Prop bet Odds

There will be prop betting odds available on every NCAAB tournament game. Some of the bets available will be; will there be overtime, will the score end in an odd or even number, will there be a triple double, and a lot more…see them here!!!
2017 March Madness Team Prop Odds