College Football Week 6 Betting Picks

I usually do an individual write up for each game but, with the MLB playoffs, college football and, the NFL all going at once I decided to condense the College Football Betting Predictions into one page. I hope it helps you. with your time management.

Clemson vs Boston College Prediction:

The Tigers can win by as many points as they want to. If they want to win by 40 they can against a Boston College team that has one of the worst offenses in FSB. Can the Boston College defense contain the Clemson offense? No. I know it seems like a big spread but, what I look for is can the offense put up points. With Clemson 45 points is a reasonable number. On the other side you have an offense that will struggle to get to 2o points without the aid of some defensive scores.

Tigers vs Eagles Pick: Clemson -17

Washington vs Oregon Prediction:

Two teams going in opposite directions. Chris Petersen finally has a chance to do something he couldn’t when he coached Boise. He can play for a national championship. If the Huskies run the board they will be in the College Football Playoffs and he knows it. The Ducks have gone down hill and it isn’t just the coaching. They no longer have the talent to compete at the top level and it is really showing on the defensive side. Bring in any defensive coordinator you want. They just don’t have the line play to compete in the PAC12. The Huskies are on a mission this year and that means blowing out the opposition. You want to really wake up all the Husky fans. Beat a Oregon team that has beaten the Huskies 12 straight times and beat them bad. Blowout city as Petersen looks to impress those East Coast guys and keep moving up in the polls.

Washington vs Oregon Pick: Washington Huskies -9

Notre Dame vs NC State Prediction:

I won’t be kind. We have two very good offenses going against two crappy defenses. The loser in this game could still end up scoring over 30 points. The Notre Dame defense is young and they just look lost on the field. It will be at least 4 or 5 games before they really have a chance of jelling as a good defense. In the meantime they will get lit up and make some really bad plays. The Wolfpack defense has a more fundamental problem. They just don’t have the talent to compete. I have two bets on the game. I am taking the Irish on the money line as long as it is less than three but if you can find 3 points at your book then take them. My other bet is on the over.

Notre Dame vs NC State Pick: 75% Notre Dame money line & 25% on the over.

Brigham Young vs Michigan State Prediction:

All of BYU’s games have been decided by three or fewer points, so getting 6 points is extremely attractive. I have this game coming down to the last series as both offenses are able to move the ball. As long as I can get 4.5 points or more I am on the Cougars. I also like the over in this one as both teams have shown a weakness on defense that the other offense can exploit.

Brigham Young vs Michigan State Pick: BYU +6 & over 49.5

Colorado vs USC Prediction:

Before the season started could you imagine how much money would have been bet on USC with this line. Colorado QB Steven Montez has been strong as a starter the past two weeks, completing over 70 percent of his throws for 6 TDs while also running for almost 200 yards. The thing to note about this game is the USC defense is soft…really soft. Colorado will get plenty of big plays in this game and the Trojans will get a few points of there own. However, there is a big change coming in the PAC12 this year and the two ascending teams are Washington & Colorado.

Colorado vs USC Pick: Colorado +4.5