Nathan Karns vs Blake SnellĀ 

Nathan Karns is coming off his best start of the season, striking out seven of 22 White Sox batters. Eighteen of his 26 strikeouts have come in his last three starts. The tough part about Karns is that he doesn’t go past 100 pitches. He has a good matchup vs the Rays. A favorable ballpark and the Rays high strikeout rate (25.9 K% vs RHP).

Blake Snell Has had six unearned runs so far this season (33% of his season run total). Since unearned runs count just as much as earned runs in betting this is a concern. The fact the Snell is a ground ball pitcher will account for some of these errors.

I had this game as a pick with both teams having trouble scoring. That Karns is a dog is too much to resist.

MLB Bet: Kansas City +132 on money line