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NFL Preseason Week 1 August 14th 2016

Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers Preview

When: 7:00 PM ET, Sunday, August 14, 2016
Where: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California
Odds: Texans +3, 49ers -3
Total: 35.5
Head Coach Preseason ATS Records:
Houston Texans Bill O’Brien
Win 4 Loss 4 Push 0
Over 1 Under 7 Push 0
San Francisco 49ers Chip Kelly
Win 7 Loss 5 Push 0
Over 10 Under 2 Push 0

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The first week of the 2016 NFL Preseason ends with the Houston Texans visiting the San Francisco 49ers in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara. The first thing to consider in this game is that this stadium has one of the worst turfs in the NFL. If you are a visiting coach in the preseason there is no reason to leave your regulars on the crappy field. Why see a torn ACL for nothing? The 49ers do have an incentive to leave the regulars in longer. They have a new coach who comes with a lot of questions and the season tickets sales are down. Never forget, this is a business and the players are just a product they put on the field. Right now, the 49ers management needs to sale a lot more tickets to pay down the cost of building the stadium and the only way to do that is put fans in the seats.

Looking at the history of the two coaches in preseason games it is obvious that the Texans O’Brien does not care much about winning preseason games. His focus is on looking at talent. This is the biggest difference between betting on preseason games and betting on regular season games. The Texans will look at second, third and, waiver talent while the 49ers need to set a “winning attitude” on day one. This will dictate not only who will play but how long they will play. The 49ers might not be a better team but, they will leave the first and second string players on longer than the Texans and take a easy win.

Texans at 49ers Pick: 49ers -3