Trump vs Clinton Election Betting Odds

Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running neck and neck at 46.2% and 43.7% respectively, according to a average of national polls. However, these are polls and not votes. Just ask Non-President John Kerry about 2004? Polls can be fun but if you really want to get serious about who will win an election. Ask a gambler.

See Current Presidential Odds from Bovada

The offshore sportsbook Bovada has Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton with a 72% of becoming the next president, with Trump at 28% odds to win.

So, it is a sure thing, right? This is a bet and there is always someone who thinks the dog will win. Allan Lichtman of American University in Washington, D.C. who has correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1984. He said historical patterns currently favor Trump to win in November. Now we have some action.

In fact, if you take the time to look at the RealClearPolics Electoral Map. You will now see that in a no toss up format that Hillary Clinton is favored to win 272 and Donald Trump to win 266. It takes 270 to win. And yes, if you were doing a little math in your head there is a chance of a 269-269 tie. If you thought Bush vs Gore was a mess can you imagine a 269-269 tie where some unknown guy in the Electoral College can change his mind and change history?

On Monday September 26th the first Presidential Debate will take place and there is a good chance it will move the odds a little. So, you would want to bet on whoever you think will win the debate before the debate. The odds will move toward the winner after the debate and you will get a lower ROI on your wager. But, it is not all about the final result. There are also some fun bets (these are real bets you can make online) for things like; clothes, what they will say, and what the topic will be. Take a look and follow along during the debate to see if you were right. Good Luck, and lets get ready to rumble!!!!

Presidential Election odds


Presidential Election Odds


Hillary Clinton is favored at (-215) to Donald Trump (+175). This means that right now you would need to bet $215 on Clinton in order to win $100. If on the other hand you bet $100 on Trump and he won then you would win $175.
One thing you will notice is that the election results are based on the party (Democratic & Republican) instead of on the candidate. This is to ensure a winner is paid in the bet even if there is a little funny business in the electoral college. As we mentioned earlier. If it is a tie then just one elector changing his mind can change the outcome of the election. There is also the very unlikely event that the winner of the election on November 8th will die before the electoral college meets. This seems very unlikely unless you remember that these two candidates are 69 & 70. Something like this did happen in 1872 when Horace Greeley died between election day and the electoral college meeting. But, Horace finished a distant second so no one really notice. Sort of like spotting Al Gore in a restaurant.

Betting on Clothes

Really? On clothes? Yep, we are gamblers and there is nothing that we can’t set odds on. The safe bets are red and blue. They are the most traditional and if you have watched his speeches then you know what color he usually wears. If you think he will go with a little flare then you can get some good odds at +1100.

We wouldn’t want to be accused of being sexist. Never, a sportsbook is the paragon of equality. All of the young hot cocktail waitresses are treated equally. So, what color will Hillary wear? Come on, picture her in your mind and lay down some money on the first thing you think of. Now, that is not how the professionals will do it. They will look at tapes of previous debates and check out what she was wearing in recent speeches. But, if you think you know then make a little money on it.

Betting on what they say

What could be more natural than betting on what a politician says? I am not asking you if it is true, just if it comes out of their mouths. Seems like some money has gone down on Donald Trump to call Hillary Clinton a “liar”. At (-300) you will need to bet $300 to win just $100 on that one.

It seems like the gamblers think Hillary will Trump a “bigot”. At (-250) you would need to wager $250 to just win a $100. Seems sort of interesting if you look at the odds for “liar” and “bigot”. Not exactly what the founding fathers had in mind.

A few more prop bets

Time to close out the odds with a few items that an informed individual can make a little money on. The first item is on which of the three topics will be first discussed. If you have the phone number of Lester Holt, give him a call and get his opinion. This bet is strickly up to what is in the mind of debate moderator Lester Holt.

The next bet is on ratings. Which will do better the Debate or Monday Night Football. For this let me help you out a little. The Monday Night game is the Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints. Not a bad game to watch if your a fan but not a marque match up. I would say easy money on the Presidential Debate. The odds are tough in that at (-2500) you would need to bet $2,500 to win $100.


betting on politics

If you are ready to get in on the action then there is one thing you must know. All gambling winnings are taxable. Since the USA currently has an almost 20 trillion dollar debt there is good reason to think that the IRS will come looking for every dollar they can. Good luck and if you want to see more odds then take a look at Bovada.