How to bet a Soccer Asian Handicap

What is a Soccer Asian Handicap

Soccer Asian Handicap? No, it is not just a bet made on Asian soccer games. It is a type of bet that is widely used by expert soccer gamblers. In fact, it is a bet I would recommend if you are going to be a serious sports wagering player. The Asian handicap is basically combining a couple or many bets into one bet.

The first part is common to all soccer betting. A full or half point spread or total. It is by combining the full and half point that we form a new bet.

Soccer Asian Handicap Example:

You wager $110 to win $100 on Manchester United -½ ,-1 and they win 2-1. You win $50 as you’ve won the half of your bet at -½ but only pushed the half of the bet at -1.
Totals work in the same way, so a total of 2.25 is written as 2, 2½.

In another example let’s say Manchester United win 2-0 and you’ve wagered $110 to win $100 on Over 2, 2½. This time you lose $55 as you push the total of 2 but lose on the 2½. If the final score would have been 2-1 for a total of 3 goals then you’d win $100 as you win both parts of the bet.

In soccer it is called the Asian Handicap because it first became popular is South East Asia. There are similar bets on MLB and Hockey games where the -1 line is created by adding money line bet with a puck line bet of -1.5.

I like this bet when I am on a favorite. One thing to remember is to vary the bet amounts. Meaning, that I will often bet more on the lesser odds part of the wager. If Manchester United is -200 on the money line and -100 on the -1/2 line. Then I will bet $2 on the money line for every $1 I bet on the -1/2 goal line.