How to make a Soccer Totals Bet

Game totals betting is a soccer bet where you wager on the total number of goals that will be scored in a game by both teams combined. The sportsbook will set a line for the number of goals and you decide whether you think the goals total will be higher or lower than the line. When you place a soccer total bet, it doesn’t matter which team wins the game. A score of 3-1 means four total goals, while a score of 0-0 means zero total goals.

Soccer Total Bet Example:

101    Portland  2.5 (-120)o
102   Vancouver     (-110)u

The “o” stands for over and the “u” stands for under. The over line is set at -120, which means that the sportsbooks are expecting more than two goals to be scored, but the -110 under line suggests that it will be close.

Obviously, teams can’t score half a goal. The 2½ line ensures that regardless of whether the over or the under line wins, there will never be a push. However, this is not always the case.

103   Valur Reykjavik   3 (-110)o
104   Fylkir Reykjavik     (-120)u

The total of three doesn’t change how you make a totals bet. It just adds a third possible outcome for the bet. If the game ends with three total goals, whether the score is 3-0 or 2-1. Then your bet is a push and your original wager will be returned to you. Your bet does not win, but it also does not lose.

When you’re considering a totals bet on soccer, there are some game factors you may want to look up. Look at the recent game scores of the two teams playing. If they both have been averaging higher game scores than the posted line, you may want to play the over. If you find out that one team’s star offensive player will be absent from the game, maybe scoring will be hard to come by, so you’ll want to play the under. Even recent games played by the two sides against each other may influence your decision.