How to make a Soccer Parlay Parlay Bet

How to make a Soccer Parlay Bet

A soccer parlay bet isn’t much different from betting to the money line, totals or many other traditional bets. It simply involves more bets. Placing a parlay bet combines anywhere from two to twelve bets on your slip into a single wager.

The important thing to remember when parlaying your soccer bets is that every bet on your parlay must be a winner for your parlay to win. If you make seven wagers and only six win, your parlay bet will be a loss.

It may seem difficult to have to correctly call several picks in order to win; however, the potential payout for a parlay is far greater than the sum of each of those bets individually.

A Soccer Parlay Bet Example:

Take a look at these MLS money lines:

105 Columbus Crew +115

106 Real Salt Lake +230

107 Draw +225

108 Colorado Rapids -110

109 Chicago Fire +300

110 Draw +230

Let’s say you wagered $100 on Columbus and $100 on Colorado. Columbus would pay $115 and Colorado would pay $90.91, for a total of $205.91. This isn’t such a bad payout, but if you wagered $200 on a parlay bet with both teams, you’d win $620.91 and get your $200 bet back. If you’re confident enough in both of your picks, then it obviously makes much more sense to parlay rather than bet on the two individually.

As you add more legs to your parlay, your potential winnings will increase even more. However, each of your bets must win for the parlay to pay. In the event that one of your bets is a push, you don’t lose your parlay. Instead, that bet is removed from the betting ticket. For example, if you have three teams on your parlay and one results in a push, it will be considered “no action” and your parlay will be a winner if the other two teams win.

Why make a Soccer Parlay Bet?

One of the best things about parlaying when you’re betting on soccer online is that you can mix different types of bets. Let’s say you think a team is going to win one match, more than four goals will be scored in another match and a specific player will score first in a third match, you can parlay all three bets together. One of the most common parlay bets in all sports is a side and a total on the same game. Taking Colorado and over 3 goals in a match is a way to get the most out of a game you will think will be a high scoring blowout.