How to make on a Soccer Prop Bet

How to make a Soccer Proposition Bet

A soccer prop bet or as sometimes called a soccer propositions bet. Is a wager that does not have a relationship to the final score of a soccer game. There are player prop bets and team prop bets for soccer.

While a money line asks you to predict a winner or a totals bet asks you to predict the number of goals scored in a game. The soccer prop bet can be as soon as asking you to decide whether a player will score a goal in a game this afternoon, or as far away as asking who will be the Champion before the season has even begun.

The Futures Prop Bet Example

In a futures prop bet you decide which player or team is going to win an event. Here are some UEFA Champions League futures odds:

101    Bayern Munchen           7/2
102   Real Madrid                    9/2
103   Barcelona                       11/2
104   Chelsea                            8/1
105   Paris Saint-Germain   10/1

You’ll notice right away that the odds are listed in order from the favorites to the least likely winners. I only listed five odds here. The real listing will contain odds on every team participating. As time goes on and teams get hot or cold, these odds also change, so if you think that Barcelona will win, and 11/2 looks like a steal to you, place your bet.

The best part about props is that, while only one team can win the prop, you can place wagers on several teams to increase your chances of making the right call. To keep things simple, let’s say you placed a $100 bet on each of the top three teams. Bayern’s odds pay $350 for a $100 wager, Real Madrid pays $450 and Barcelona pays $550. If Real Madrid won UEFA, you would win $450 for the winning bet (plus your initial $100 wager on them back), but would lose your other two $100 bets. However, you would still profit $250 overall. It’s not as much as you would win had you only bet on Real Madrid, but winning a little is still better.

You can also vary the betting amounts you make, placing more money on the favorites and less money on those with lower odds. Get creative with your betting slip and see what kind of action you can play.

Player Prop Bet

For more immediate prop betting options, look at today’s games. Each day you will find player prop bets. If EPL is in action on a Saturday, you can expect soccer prop bet on things like. How many goals a particular player score. Will he have an assist? Even prop bets on two players who are in different games can have odds on who will score more goals. Furthermore, there can be cross league prop bets between an EPL team and a MLS team.