Super Bowl LIII Odds

NFL Super Bowl 53 Futures Odds 2019

  • Where will the 2019 Super Bowl be played?

  • When is the Super Bowl?

  • How do I watch the game?

  • What are the odds to win Super Bowl 53?

  • What are the odds to win a Division Title?

  • What are the odds to win a Conference Title

Where will Super Bowl 53 be played?

Super Bowl LIII will take place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, home of the Falcons. It’ll be the first Super Bowl hosted at the stadium, which opened in 2017. However, this will be the third Super Bowl played in Atlanta. Previously, the Cowboys topped the Bills in the Georgia Dome in Super Bowl XXVIII, played in 1994, while the Rams topped the Titans in 2000 in Super Bowl XXXIV.

When is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LIII will take place on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Kickoff time is TBD.

How do I watch the game?

Super Bowl LIII will be televised by CBS and streamed on CBS All Access.

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Super Bowl Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII (53)

07:58 PM5321New England Patriots+700
5320Minnesota Vikings+1000
5326Philadelphia Eagles+1000
5318Los Angeles Rams+1200
5327Pittsburgh Steelers+1200
5312Green Bay Packers+1400
5302Atlanta Falcons+1600
5322New Orleans Saints+1600
5313Houston Texans+2000
5315Jacksonville Jaguars+2000
5317Los Angeles Chargers+2000
5328San Francisco 49ers+2000
5309Dallas Cowboys+2500
5316Kansas City Chiefs+2500
5323New York Giants+2500
5305Carolina Panthers+3300
5310Denver Broncos+3300
5325Oakland Raiders+3300
5303Baltimore Ravens+4000
5311Detroit Lions+4000
5331Tennessee Titans+4000
5329Seattle Seahawks+5000
5308Cleveland Browns+6600
5314Indianapolis Colts+6600
5330Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600
5301Arizona Cardinals+10000
5304Buffalo Bills+10000
5306Chicago Bears+10000
5307Cincinnati Bengals+10000
5319Miami Dolphins+10000
5332Washington Redskins+10000
5324New York Jets+15000

Division Futures Odds 2018-2019

Odds to Win AFC East
08:01 PM53103New England Patriots -500 
53102Miami Dolphins +800 
53101Buffalo Bills +1000 
53104New York Jets +1400 
Division Futures
Odds to Win AFC North
08:01 PM53114Pittsburgh Steelers -250 
53111Baltimore Ravens +450 
53112Cincinnati Bengals +800 
53113Cleveland Browns +1000 
Division Futures
Odds to Win AFC South
08:01 PM53123Jacksonville Jaguars +175 
53121Houston Texans +200 
53124Tennessee Titans +300 
53122Indianapolis Colts +550 
Division Futures
Odds to Win AFC West
08:01 PM53133Los Angeles Chargers +150 
53132Kansas City Chiefs +250 
53134Oakland Raiders +300 
53131Denver Broncos +500 
Division Futures
Odds to Win NFC East
08:01 PM53153Philadelphia Eagles -150 
53151Dallas Cowboys +400 
53152New York Giants +500 
53154Washington Redskins +600 
Division Futures
Odds to Win NFC North
08:01 PM53164Minnesota Vikings +125 
53163Green Bay Packers +150 
53162Detroit Lions +550 
53161Chicago Bears +800 
Division Futures
Odds to Win NFC South
08:01 PM53173New Orleans Saints +150 
53171Atlanta Falcons +175 
53172Carolina Panthers +275 
53174Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200 
Division Futures
Odds to Win NFC West
08:01 PM53182Los Angeles Rams -125 
53183San Francisco 49ers +250 
53184Seattle Seahawks +450 
53181Arizona Cardinals

Conference Futures 2018 – 2019

Odds to Win the AFC Championship
08:00 PM53012New England Patriots +300 
53015Pittsburgh Steelers +550 
53006Houston Texans +900 
53008Jacksonville Jaguars +900 
53010Los Angeles Chargers +900 
53009Kansas City Chiefs +1000 
53005Denver Broncos +1400 
53014Oakland Raiders +1400 
53001Baltimore Ravens +1600 
53016Tennessee Titans +1600 
53004Cleveland Browns +2800 
53007Indianapolis Colts +2800 
53002Buffalo Bills +4000 
53003Cincinnati Bengals +4000 
53011Miami Dolphins +4000 
53013New York Jets +6600 
Conference Futures
Odds to Win the NFC Championship
08:00 PM53059Minnesota Vikings +550 
53062Philadelphia Eagles +550 
53058Los Angeles Rams +650 
53057Green Bay Packers +800 
53052Atlanta Falcons +1000 
53060New Orleans Saints +1000 
53055Dallas Cowboys +1200 
53061New York Giants +1200 
53063San Francisco 49ers +1200 
53053Carolina Panthers +1600 
53056Detroit Lions +2000 
53064Seattle Seahawks +2500 
53065Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3300 
53051Arizona Cardinals +5000 
53054Chicago Bears +5000 
53066Washington Redskins +5000