MyBookir $100,000 Super Contest NFL $100,000 Super Contest 2021

Sign up starts in August

  1. All contestants must have a valid MyBookie account to register.
  2. Contestants can participate in the MyBookie SuperContest by purchasing an entry at a fee of $10 per entry.
  3. Entries can only be purchased with real cash funds, which are immediately deducted from the contestants’ account balance at the time of purchase.
  4. Contestants may purchase a maximum of ten (10) entries into the MyBookie SuperContest. Each entry shall be treated as a separate entry for all purposes, including prize distribution.
  5. All purchases are final. There are NO refunds. Make sure you double-check your purchase before you confirm the transaction.
  6. MyBookie reserves the right to review, approve and change all aliases associated with the SuperContest.
  7. The MyBookie SuperContest will begin Thursday, September 10th, 2020 and conclude on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 (provided no games are in delay as per rule 35).
  8. The MyBookie SuperContest is based on selecting winning teams against the spread each week of the Pro Football regular season.
  9. The spread for each game is determined by the odds available in the Sportsbook. If the odds in the Sportsbook change, the available odds in the SuperContest will also change.
  10. Contestants must select five (5) professional football teams per entry, per week. Contestants who submit less than five selections will only be eligible to receive points for the matchups selected. Contestants who fail to submit their selections will not receive points for the week.
  11. Contestants may submit their selections at any point during the pro football week. However, MyBookie will only guarantee availability of the SuperContest application until 12pm ET each Sunday. Contestants waiting until after 12pm ET to submit or change picks do so at their own risk.
  12. Contestants must make their selections online by visiting, logging into their account and accessing the MyBookie SuperContest application. Selections will not be accepted over the phone or by any other method.
  13. Selections save automatically with the odds available at the time the selection is made.
  14. Contestants may change their selections at any time until a game locks. Each game locks at its scheduled start time and will no longer be available for selection after that time. Once a game locks, the selections is confirmed and cannot be changed.
  15. If a contestant removes a selection and the odds for that specific game have changed, the contestant will only be able to re-select that game with the updated, current odds.
  16. Contestants may not select the same side twice on a single entry. In the event a contestant has two entries they may select the side of the game on one (1) entry and the same side of the same game for the second entry.
  17. Contestants may not select both sides of the same game on a single entry. In the event a contestant has two entries they may select one side of the game on one (1) entry and the opposite side of the same game for the second entry.
  18. Each winning selection against the point spread will count as one (1) point on the leaderboard. Ties (pushes) against the point spread count as one half (0.5) point.
  19. The leaderboard will be updated in real-time after every Pro Football game of the regular season.
  20. The contestants that accumulate the most points during the contest will be deemed the winners based on their position in the leaderboard.
  21. The final prize pool distribution based on the top 750 scores, is:

Super Contest Prize Structure

The final prize pool distribution based on the top 750 scores, is:



1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th Place


11th to 100th Place


101st to 500th Place


501st to 750th Place



Super Contest Rules

  1. The MyBookie SuperContest also features four quarterly prizes of $5000 each.
  2. The quarterly prizes will be paid to the contestants that accumulate the most points during each quarter of the Pro Football Regular Season.
  3. These quarters will be broken down as:
    1. 1st Quarter: Week 1 through Week 4
    2. 2nd Quarter: Week 5 through Week 8
    3. 3rd Quarter: Week 9 through Week 12
    4. 4th Quarter: Week 13 through Week 16
  4. If various contestants tie for a prize in the main prize pool, the winnings will be split along with the next lowest prize. Example: If two contestants tie for first with 80 points, they will split the 1st and 2nd Place prizes; the participant with the next highest point total will win the 3rd Place prize.
  5. If various participants tie for a quarterly prize pool, the prize will be split evenly among all tying participants.
  6. Winnings are awarded as cash with no rollover requirements.
  7. The professional football regular season must consist of at least ten (10) weeks for the MyBookie SuperContest to be considered valid. If the regular season is shortened to less than ten (10) weeks, the MyBookie SuperContest will be cancelled and all entry fees will be refunded. This does not apply to the 1st Quarter and Halftime Bonuses.
  8. All House Rules apply to this contest unless otherwise stipulated in these rules.
  9. reserves the right to cancel this contest or refuse to accept any registration or wager if the same could violate any federal, state or county law, ordinance or regulation. Furthermore, MyBookie may cancel the contest in the event of technical difficulties or other occurrences beyond the control of MyBookie.
  10. Entry fees will not be refunded for reasons other than the cancellation of the MyBookie SuperContest.
  11. For contest purposes, all games are action despite a location change. In the event of a game cancellation or postponement, the game must be played by Tuesday of the following week to be applied toward contest standings or contestant will be awarded zero points for that game.
  12. Employees as well as family and household members of MyBookie employees may not participate in the MyBookie SuperContest.
  13. All contestants agree to grant unconditional use of their name and likeness for promotion as/advertising and announcements without compensation, consideration, notice review or consent.
  14. All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules, eligibility, etc. for this contest lie solely with whose decisions are final.
  15. reserves the right to modify or cancel this contest at any time for any reason.
  16. may disqualify any person for any prize based upon the belief of the possible commission of fraud, dishonest, violation of contest rules or other misconduct whether or not related to this contest.
  17. A copy of these rules and any changes will be available at throughout the duration of this contest. By registering for the contest, all contestants agree to these rules and any updates to this rule set.

How to Enter

How to enter NFL Super Contest Online