NFL Super Contest 2020 $300,000 NFL Super Contest 2021

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How to Play NFL Super Contest 2021

  • Pick 5 games against the spread each week.
  • Your weekly score ATS is calculated.
  • Score the most points at the end of the season and win $125,000!

MyBookie NFL Super Contest

Super Contest Quarterly Payouts

You get 4 additional shots to win on top of your season long total. Every 4 Weeks the player that scores the most points takes home $12,500.

  • Week 1 – Week 4 Win $12,500
  • Week 5 – Week 8 Win $12,500
  • Week 9 – Week 12 Win $12,500
  • Week 13 – Week 16 Win $12,500

NFL Super Contest Scoring

  • Get the game right ATS = 1
  • Push = 0.5
  • All other outcomes: 0

The most points you can score in a week is 5.
The most points you can score in season is 80.

NFL Super Contest Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price to enter the $300,000 Guaranteed Supercontest?

Each $300,000 Guaranteed Supercontest entry is $100.

How many times can I enter the Supercontest?

You can have up to 5 entries in play simultaneously.

How many players win prizes?

The top 230 scores win cash prizes.

How to Enter the Contest

How to enter NFL Super Contest Online

  • Tap/Click on ‘My Entries’ to view all purchased entries.
  • Tap/Click the ‘Make Picks’ button to view the game sheet for each entry.
  • Tap/Click the team you’d like to select. Your pick will save automatically.
  • Select five teams to fill your game sheet.

NOTE: You can change your selection any time until the scheduled kickoff time for each game.

All games lock at their scheduled kickoff time. Once a game locks, the pick is confirmed and cannot be changed.

About Super Contest 2021

SuperContest – check leaderboard standings

You can view the points earned and the rank for each of your entries on the My Entries page.

You can click on the Leaderboard option in the SuperContest menu to view your position on the Leaderboard along with other contestants.

SuperContest – fees put back into the prize pot

MyBookie’s goal is to put every dollar collected in entry fees back into the prize pot. If we reach $200,000 in entry fees, we’ll add 4 quarterly prizes of $12,500 each.

If the prize pool keeps growing, we’ll add bigger prizes and more winners to the payout structure.

SuperContest – entries

You may purchase up to three entries into the MyBookie SuperContest.

SuperContest – Pick deadlines

There’s no deadline to submit your picks by Saturday. However, once a game begins, it will lock and no longer be available for selection.

If you forget to make your picks, you’ll be limited to the games remaining once you access your entry in the SuperContest application. You will only earn points for the selected games if your team wins.

If there are no games available for selection, you will not earn points for that week.

MyBookie NFL Super Contest

Super Contest Payout Structure