NFL Contest 2021

2021 NFL $500,000 Mega Contest


NFL Mega Contest Rules

  1. SportsBetting’s $500,000 MegaContest is a season-long handicapping contest that runs Week 1 through Week 18 of the 2021 NFL regular season; the postseason is not included.
  2. Registration opens on Friday, July 16th and closes on Monday, September 13th at 8:05 pm (ET). Note: If you register for the contest on Sunday, September 12th or Monday, September 13th, only games on the Week 1 schedule that have not started will be available for selection.
  3. Contestants must have a valid SportsBetting account to register for the MegaContest.
  4. Contestants can participate in the MegaContest by purchasing at least one entry for $100.
  5. Contestants can enter the $500,000 MegaContest up to 5 times and will receive a discount on every additional entry purchased.
  6. All entry purchases will be deducted from your SportsBetting Sportsbook balance.
  7. If you do not purchase all five entries, you can come back and purchase more entries at any time until the deadline – Monday, September 13th at 8:05 pm (ET).
  8. Registration for the MegaContest is only available online. You cannot register via phone, chat or email.
  9. All sales are final. There are no refunds.
First Entry:$100
Second Entry:$75
Third Entry:$50
Fourth & Fifth Entry:$25 each NFL Contest 2021

Early Bird Purchase Promotion

  1. From Friday, July 2nd to Sunday, August. 15th, 2021, SportsBetting is offering an early bird promotion for advance purchase of NFL MegaContest entries.
  2. During the promotion period, every player that purchases five entries in the $500,000 NFL MegaContest at the discounted rate of $275 for all five entries will receive a free entry in our $200,000 NFL Survivor contest (a $30 value).
  3. The free survivor entry will be credited by Friday, August. 27th, 2021.
  4. Free $200,000 NFL Survivor entry is non-transferable.
  5. SportsBetting reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions of this promotion at any time, without notice.

How to Play

  1. Contestants must pick five games against the spread (ATS) every week of the NFL regular season.
  2. The spread is determined by the current odds available in the SportsBetting Sportsbook.
  3. MegaContest picks can only be made online. You cannot make picks via phone, chat or email.
  4. Once a pick is made, the pick saves automatically with the odds available at the time of selection.
  5. Contestants may submit and/or change picks at any time until the specified start time of each game. At the specified start time, games are no longer available for selection and any picks involving that game cannot be changed.
  6. If contest changes or removes a pick, they will only be able to re-pick that team with odds available at the time the team is re-selected.
  7. Contestants earn one (1) point for every correct pick and a half-point (0.5) for a push.
  8. Contestants who submit less than five picks only receive points for selected games. Contestants who do not submit selections will not receive points.
  9. Every week, the contest will re-open no later than Tuesday afternoon. At this time, you will be able to make your selection(s) for the week’s upcoming games.
  10. Contestants cannot select the same side twice or select both side of the same game on a single entry.
  11. If a game is canceled and/or postponed, the game must be played by Tuesday of the following week in order to earn points in the MegaContest standings.
  12. The NFL regular season must consist of at least 10 weeks for the SportsBetting MegaContest to be considered valid. If the regular season is shortened to less than 10 weeks, the SportsBetting MegaContest will be cancelled and all entry fees will be refunded. This does not apply to the 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter Prizes.
  13. At its discretion, SportsBetting may adjust the weekly selection requirements or grading in the event of a widespread technical issue which affects contestants’ ability to make selections.
  14. SportsBetting reserves the right to modify the rules of this contest without notice.

$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

  1. The $500,000 is a cash prize pool with no rollover requirements.
  2. Winners will paid directly into their account within 72 hours after the completion of Week 18’s last game.
  3. Payout structure is as follows:



1st Place$200,000
2nd Place$50,000
3rd Place$25,000
4th Place$20,000
5th Place$15,000
6th Place$10,000
7th Place$9,000
8th Place$8,000
9th Place$7,000
10th Place$6,000
11th Place$5,000
12th Place$4,000
13th Place$3,500
14th Place$3,000
15th Place$2,500
16th – 20th Place$2,000
21st – 30th Place$1,400
31st – 40th Place$1,000
41st – 50th Place$800
51st – 75th Place$700
76th – 100th Place$600
101st – 125th Place$500
126th – 150th Place$400
151st – 200th Place$300
  1. There are no tie-breaker questions. If there are ties for any prizes, the money will be split among the tied contestants, along with the next lowest prize. Example: If three entrants tie for third place, they will split the 3rd, 4th and 5th place prizes of $25,000, $20,000 and $15,000. As a result, each player would win $20,000.
  2. Contestants will also be competing for four quarterly prizes of $5,000 each which are paid to the contestants that accumulate the most points during each quarter of the NFL Season.
    • 1st Quarter: Week 1 to 4
    • 2nd Quarter: Week 5 to 8
    • 3rd Quarter: Week 9 to 13
    • 4th Quarter: Week 14 to 18
  3. In the result of a tie for a quarterly prize, the $5,000 will be split evenly among all tied contestants.
  4. Prize money will be credited to contestant’s SportsBetting accounts within 48 hours of any prize being won.
  5. Prizes are non-transferable. NFL Contest 2021